I’ve never been much of a cake eater, but I’ve always loved to bake – usually from scratch, but I’ve been known to call in a favor to Betty Crocker now and then. Though icing and 3D spectacles aren’t my forte, when it comes to my kids’ birthdays I’ve made everything from Iron Man to Dora the Explorer to Elmo (you can make pretty much design anything on top of a cake with the combo of jelly beans and gum drops J). So when this week’s installment of the What Women Want BPI series focused on cake, which landed #5 on the women’s top ten list and #6 on the men’s, I was interested to see who and what the conversations would be about – DIY or store-bought? As you can see from the charts below, the results are so scattered and very polarized and it turned into several different clusters: supermarket brands (Costco, Publix, Tesco, Walmart and Kroger), ice cream cakes (Coldstone and Dairy Queen cakes), DIY (Betty Crocker) and some oddballs (KFC cakes, anyone?)

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

Within the supermarket category on the women’s chart, Walmart emerged with the highest buzz for women with 24% of the overall chatter – but sadly, the all-inclusive brand had very negative metrics with a Net Sentiment of 10 and a Passion Intensity of 54. Though Walmart wasn’t the buzz winner for men, it generated similar metrics, with a Net Sentiment of 39 and a Passion Intensity of 100 (men hate it!). Both genders complained about the general lack of quality when it comes to both service and taste. Women on Walmart: RT @dreseat: I swear, Walmart cake has the nastiest frosting. Walmart cake icing is f***ing disgusting. So pissed Walmart so stupid really how hard is it to get a cake right. went off on walmart today they cant even get orders right when you put them in a week and a half ago screwed up my cake order what a bunch of dumb ass people walmart has workin for them. Men on Walmart:  walmart cake sucks so bad.. RT @T4YY: girl on my news feed is angry that walmart messed up her daughters birthday cake… um hello?! it’s WALMART… duh. How does the Walmart bakery make ever cake look perfect yet they taste… not perfect? Walmart you suck you put the wrong name on my son cake Publix, however, out-shined its fellow supermarket competitors, emerging as the love winner for both men and women. On the women’s chart, the Florida-based chain stole hearts with a Passion Intensity of 90 and a Net Sentiment of 80. Verbatim surfaced from the women’s voice showed that they trust the supermarket’s cakes so much, they even order them for one big, special day: their weddings! On the men’s chart, Publix emerged with a Passion Intensity of 83 and a Net Sentiment of 77. Men raved about the red velvet cake as well as the delicious birthday cakes – another occasion-based insight! Women on Publix: I got my wedding cake from Publix, delicious and beautiful. jus had cake mmmmm it was sooo good i love publix bakery!!!!!!  Publix created a lovely wedding cake. Men on Publix: @SeanSMITH4 Publix has great red velvet cakes! I still want a red velvet cake from Publix!! They cake so good. Publix Bakery makes some damn good birthday cake

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