Brand Passion Index: iPhone Gets the Buzz, EVO Gets the Love
Kimberly Surico |
 09/26/12 |
3 min read

I’ve never been a big gadget person, and up until about a year ago, I was still taking business calls and snapping photos of my kids on a Palm Pixi (I know, I know). Then my CEO Peter told me that I simply cannot be a CMO working in social without an iPhone – and now I’m addicted, and so are my kids. IMHO, the phone does a lot of things really well – Fruit Ninja, pictures and videos to name a few – and ironically, the thing it does the least well is be a phone. However, I know that people rave about their iPhones, and sometimes even camp overnight for them, so I was interested to see that in the last installment of the What Women Want series on smart phones – the iPhone was not the love winner. See where social’s favorite smart phones fell below:

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

One of the first things I noticed, in comparing the men and the women, was that once again, the women were far more passionate about their smart phones than men. Looking back on the series, you can see this same pattern when it comes to chocolate and pizza. But while that was a big difference that stood out, digging into the data showed that ultimately, men and women share quite a few opinions on their smart phones. iPhone was the buzz winner for women with 50% of the overall chatter, as well as for men with 53% of the buzz. Other metrics, however, showed that consumers are not all thrilled when it comes to their iPhones – the women had a Net Sentiment of 59 and a lower Passion Intensity of 73. Digging into the verbatim showed that women complain consistently about the short battery life as well as the short charger cord – who knew? For the men, the iPhone had one of the higher Passion Intensity scores with a 62, but fell behind with a Net Sentiment of 49. Men’s complaints turned to autocorrect, finding it both awkward and annoying.

Women on the iPhone:

Uurrgh hate iPhone battery life.

RT @christianlorai: My iPhone dies faster than a zebra being attacked by a pack of cheetahs.


I hate how iPhone charger cords are so short.

iPhone charger cords are very inconvenient.

Men on the iPhone:

iPhone autocorrect is so annoying.

Hating iPhones autocorrect. #4lyfe

I really hate iPhone autocorrect.

iPhone autocorrect embarrasses me daily.

Most loved for both men and women was the EVO, an HTC brand that did not generate nearly as much chatter as the iPhone giant, but has clearly captured both men and women’s hearts. For the females, EVO generated the highest Passion Intensity score with a 100 as well as the highest Net Sentiment with a score of 81. Women gushed about loving the reliability of the phone, as well as the keyboard.

I love my HTC EVO. Great phone; reliable.

I love my evo n hated my iPhone.

Loving the keyboard on the HTC EVO 3D.

Loving my new #EVO… how did I ever live without it

The men’s EVO metrics were just as impressive with the highest Passion Intensity score of 78 and one of the highest Net Sentiment scores, of 62. Men raved about the graphics, particularly when it comes to their favorite games, as well as the large screen and beautiful resolution.

I considered the iPhone for about 10 minutes… Naaa,, I love my Evo too much *shrugs*. #TeamEVO

I’m in love with my EVO 3D all over again. They have Madden 12 for my phone. I’m super addicted! This is crucial! The graphics are so sick!

I am absolutely in love with my Evo. Huge, brilliant screen, wonderful system.

Hey @HTC I love my new @Sprint EVO 4G 3D! The device is amazing! I always said i’ll never need a smart phone and wound up with a brilliant 1.

I can’t believe this series is finally coming to a close! It’s been fantastic fun to not only dig into everything from beer to sushi. So what should we check out next? Let me know in the comments!


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