Brand Passion Index: Hormel and Oscar Mayer’s Sizzling Bacon Buzz
Kimberly Surico |
 05/23/12 |
3 min read

I’ve written blog posts over the past couple of years on many different topics, but this one, the fifth installment of the What Women Want BPI series on bacon brands, has got to be the hardest – because I have very little to say.  You see, I’ve never eaten bacon before, and have absolutely no personal experience or opinion to shed on this topic. But just because I have nothing to say, it doesn’t mean that other people are not talking about bacon in social media.  So, let’s see what both men and women are saying about number ten of the top ten social media “wants” list for men – bacon and the brands discussed:

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

Once again, men and women talked about the same bacon brand the most: Wal-Mart bacon, which generated 28% of the overall chatter for the men, and 31% of the overall chatter for women, was the buzz winner, but it certainly did not win in sentiment: Walmart bacon generated a Net Sentiment of 20 on the women’s chart and a Net Sentiment of 36 for men.  What I found the most interesting is the most loved brands that each gender raved about on social media. Women had the most love for Hormel bacon, with a perfect Passion Intensity of 100 and a Net Sentiment of 90 – verbatim about the brand showed that this may be reflective of the “mommy” voice. Sound bites surfaced showed women talking about supplying good brands for their home and their children.

My husband is picky about the type of bacon bits we get, and Hormel is about the only thing he likes, so this is a valuable one for my household!

Men, on the other hand, had the most passion for Oscar Mayer bacon – and interestingly enough, their metrics were the exact opposite of their female counterparts’ for Hormel. Oscar Mayer generated a Net Sentiment score of 100 and a Passion Intensity score of 90, and kept men buzzing due to multiple factors, such as the turkey bacon option as well as the ease of the microwaveable bacon offered by Oscar Mayer.

@astojanovic oscar mayer turkey bacon is the best. It  even taste good microwaved.

love does come in a box, and on that box it says oscar mayer…..

Another thing that I found interesting was that Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s  – which I consider the more “designer” grocery stores – showed up on both of the genders’ charts . The stats from men on Whole Foods included a Passion Intensity of 90, but Net Sentiment was only 33. I dug in to the verbatim, and found these mixed remarks:

Whole Foods bacon is the best in the world! If you haven’t experienced it, you should. It will change your life, and your cholesterol.

Sorry Whole Foods…normally you’re great, but your Smart Bacon missed the mark.

And looking at Trader Joe’s showed me that women love the bacon there for its lower prices and the fact that it’s nitrate-free and uncured. If I ate bacon, I’d probably recommend this one!

 @MaineMaven @karamat Trader Joe’s has the best nitrate free bacon!

Is there a Trader Joe’s near you? They [Trader Joe’s] have some really good bacon (ends & pieces) on the CHEAP.

Did I just see that Trader Joe’s has nitrate-free hotdogs and bacon? I’m gonna check that out!

So, help me flesh this one out, readers! What’s your bacon brand of choice?

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