My husband brews beer at home (we have no fewer than sixty gallons at home right now) so one of his delicious brews or a glass of California Cab are usually my libation of choice. However, when my good friend Jason Falls is in town, I’ve been known to enjoy some whiskey or bourbon on the rocks. While I’m looking forward to some green beer and green clothing in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, it only made sense to also run a Brand Passion Index using NetBase and see what the social media universe had to say about these ten brands: Jack Daniels, Maker’s Mark, Crown Royal, Johnnie Walker, Bushmills, Glenfiddich, Jameson, Knob Creek, Fireball and Wild Turkey.

In the graphic above, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

Jack Daniels generated the largest share of buzz with 40.3% of the overall chatter, but had the second lowest Net Sentiment score (63), as well as the highest Passion Intensity score (48). This indicates that online consumers are talking about the brand in a passionately negative way. Online consumers talked in high volume about the brand, but many complained about how overrated the brand is, as well as the declining quality in taste.

FYI nobody enjoys the taste of Jack Daniels nobody.

the taste of Jack Daniels actually makes me sick.

Jack Daniels is so overrated, its not even nice.

Jack Daniels is overrated and overpriced

Bushmills was the most loved by online consumers with the highest Net Sentiment score (82) and a Passion Intensity score of 43, as well as 16% of the overall conversations among the ten brands. Social media users associated nostalgia with drinking this whiskey brand, and also raved about the whiskey’s smooth quality.

@TheSportstender I love Bushmills too. This #Whiskey is very lush. Smells like my memories of #Dublin.

I like Whiskey. And my fave is Bushmills Black. Smooth, triple distilled, and aged in Sherry Casks.

@altonbrown Nice! My fav is Bushmills Irish Whiskey :).

I am a Bushmills guy. Enjoy many others but bushmills is my favorite. Always have a few Black bush bottles around the house.

And finally, Fireball was close behind Bushmills with a Net Sentiment of 68 and the second highest Passion Intensity score (46). I can’t say that I’ve tasted this newer brand, but social media users are loving it – and loving how well the cinnamon-flavored whiskey pairs with mixers.

It had a nice cinnamon taste to it. Speaking of cinnamon, Fireball whiskey mixes really well with cream soda.

Fireball Whiskey is the best invention ever.

For shooting straight and for fun I like Fireball. It’s a cinnamon whisky and it’s delightful.

Fireball Whisky and Apple Juice is and will forever be my new favourite drink.

Fireball whiskey on the rocks is my new fav drink.

So what will be your drink of choice this St. Patty’s Day? Don’t forget your green!

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