What I love about the What Women Want project is the incredible insight it gave us into the top ten things that men and women talk about wanting online…but that doesn’t always mean I have something to say (exhibit A: a nice Jewish girl talking about bacon??). So, let me say how thrilled I am that this week’s topic is beer – finally, a topic where I can relate! Beer landed at #4 on men’s top ten list, but it’s definitely #1 for my husband, who turns down commercial beer in favor of his own home-brewed creations. With a 6-tap kegerator in the house and a husband who can brew everything from stout to IPA, Belgians to lagers, I am one spoiled beer-drinker, but on the rare occasion that we do drink commercial beers, we tend to opt for micro brews. Our BPIs this week, which we’ll be digging into on this morning’s Demo Day, however, revealed that social media consumers have a different take – the top ten showed all big-name, popular brands in conversations.

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows the sentiment and the intensity of passion.

You’d think some things would have changed by the 7th installment of this series, but once again, men and women agreed on the buzz winner: Corona captured 31% of the women’s overall buzz and 24% of the overall chatter for men. I can’t say I’m surprised – who doesn’t love an ice cold Corona, especially on a beach, especially in Mexico (I got married and honeymooned there). For women, Corona also did well across the other metrics, with the highest Net Sentiment score of 80 and a Passion Intensity score of 42. For men, Corona generated a Net Sentiment score of 74 and a Passion Intensity of 36. When it comes to love, though, men and women surprised me: women’s love winner went to Budweiser, while men’s love winner went to its lighter, less caloric cousin, Bud Light! Of course, I take this to mean that guys just like it because they can drink twice as much J On the women’s BPI, Budweiser came away with a Net Sentiment of 72 and a Passion Intensity of 63, while the men’s BPI yielded a Net Sentiment of 72 and the highest Passion Intensity score of 46 for Bud Light. This discrepancy intrigued me – along with why men had Yuengling on their chart while women had Kingfisher in its place. So, like I do every time, I dug into the verbatim with the Insight Composer  to get right to the consumer voice and understand “why”.

Turns out that women can’t stop chattering about Corona because of the great commercials and because of their cravings for an ice cold one with lime and salt (now all that’s missing is the beach!). Men love the smooth taste of Corona…as well as the lime and salt combo! Maybe men and women aren’t so different after all…

Women on Corona:

Corona commercials are pretty awesome. #somegreatmarketing

I want a corona light after watching their new commercial. #missionaccomplished #sold

craving a corona with lime & salt right now!!!!!!!

I’m already craving a cold corona with salt and lime

Men on Corona:

Ice cold Corona goes down smooth after hours of fishng.

Dear summer time, thanks for the pool parties, bbqs, camping, cheaper golf and making coronas taste great and go down smooth!

I’m craving a chilled Corona with lemon and salt.

Damn nothing beats a #corona with lime and salt and some good tunes in the sun!

Verbatim surfaced about Budweiser showed that women love the brand for its spot-on marketing  and how much they love kicking back with friends and a Budweiser – seems like some of these ladies are taking the tagline “Grab Some Buds” to heart.

Budweiser always has the best commercials. #makinmethirsty

Budweiser seriously has the best commercials. #grabsomebuds

drinkin a beer with my girl roxie and tony…..budweiser tastes gud :).

Getting my drink on with my grl Kim, Budweiser is tasting sooooo good….

When it comes to the lighter Budweiser option, Bud Light, men loved the new Platinum offering, everything from its taste to the design of the new bottle. And check out the language they’re using in social media – here’s where knowing what these words mean in their context is key.

Bud light platinum is the shit!

Bud light platinum is so smooth damn.

I recommend bud light platinum to everyone.

Bud light platinum bottles make a good shelf display..

Those new Bud Light bottles look kind of dope.

While both Yuengling and Kingfisher had the smallest amount of chatter on their charts, they still seem to be resonating with their male and female audiences, respectively. Women took to social media to comment on how much they love Kingfisher, an Indian brew.

#Kingfisher Blue is amongst the finest beer ever had..one of my fav..cheers!!

New obsession- kingfisher beer.

Meanwhile, men tweeted, Facebooked and commented on how much they love to kick back with a Yuengling as a reward after a long week:

yuengling with my boy ward after a nice long week of BS!!!

Sitting at home and drinking a cold Yuengling after a long week.

What’s your brew of choice? Let me know in the comments!


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