Brand Passion and Banking

Kimberly Surico |
 06/04/15 |
2 min read

Banking. Passion. While these two terms seem unlikely bedfellows, if you view them together within a social media context they go hand in hand – because social media analysis is tantamount to useless without accounting for consumer emotion. Here’s why measuring consumer emotions matters:

  • It allows banking brands to be predictive about upswings and downturns
  • It means knowing (instead of assuming) whether consumers are in love (or not) with your brand so you can take targeted actions
  • You can’t beat the competition unless you know where they’re besting you
  • Emotional trends can reveal patterns that correlate to revenue trends

In short, without accounting for emotion in social conversations, banking brands are only getting part of the story about their customers and prospects. Until now, that is.

The NetBase Brand Passion Report: Banking offers game-changing insights for banks and financial institutions, gleaned from analyzing two years’ worth of English-language posts (11 million-plus) from more than 100 countries including the USA, UK, India, Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, and more. And some of those insights may surprise you.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s included in this brand passion and banking report:

  • What banking consumers are talking about on social media – mainly issues surrounding customer service, security with online banking, and overall trust
  • The top banks globally, as ranked by both social mentions and country
  • Top 10 most talked-about banking brands on social
  • Top 15 banking blogs and online forums for banking

But that’s just the beginning. Using NetBase patented technology, we calculated the Brand Passion Index of the world’s top banking brands – that is, how consumers FEEL about these brands.

To determine Brand Passion Index we look at volume to quantify share of voice, Net Sentiment (whether consumer emotions are positive or negative), and Passion Intensity (the strength of those emotions) to understand where banks and financial institutions are doing well, and where top executives need to act decisively to win consumers over in real-time.

All banking brands have an opportunity to use this information to discover what their customers want and set about giving it to them. And with NetBase real-time dashboards, social data and brand passion can be visualized by C-suite decision-makers at a glance, while there’s still time to effect change.

But don’t discount the advantage of knowing how your competitors stack up. Want to know which banking brand had the lowest Net Sentiment score? Or which one brand improved their Net Sentiment across all attributes analyzed over the two-year period?

Download the NetBase Brand Passion Index: Banking report to find out, and learn how your Brand Passion Index can help you convert social conversations into actions that will blow your competitors away – and in real-time, to boot.

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