Top 20 Brand Monitoring Tools

There’s a lot to be learned from brand monitoring tools – things that you aren’t able to get anywhere else. It’s truly an irreplaceable ‘must have’ capability. So, let’s empty the sand bucket to reveal what brand monitoring tools can do for you!

We will sort through:

  • What brand monitoring is
  • Why existing without brand monitoring is not an option
  • Which brand monitoring tools are right for you

Brand monitoring is important because:

  • 73% of consumers love a brand because of helpful customer service.
  • Positive emotions toward a brand have greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments

2021 brand loyalty report

What is Brand Monitoring?

In short, brand monitoring allows you to work less and live more, making managing your product or service a breeze. To be more specific however, this tool reveals key intel happening in real-time. Brand monitoring tools keep your business apprised of where it stands amongst your competitors in your industry and how your consumers view you in that context, and standing alone.

For example, how do you measure up when it comes to price, value and quality? And how passionate are your consumers about these attributes? Our sample brand below has a shining brand passion index (BPI), which is measured from 0-100 with 57–100 indicating Love; 45–55 Like; 25–44 Dislike; and, 1–24 Hate. Seems they may want to investigate that pricing disconnect before a competitor does!

Infographic: Brand Passion Index – showing basic brand analysis metrics to measure against, including quality, price and value. April 22, 2021- May 22, 2021

Why is Brand Monitoring Important?

Improve brand perception

You are who your audience perceives you to be. Brand monitoring tools help you drill down to a granular level, understanding any incline or decline in mentions, posts or sentiments. You can compare your brand attributes such as trust, timeliness, and customer care (to name a few). That last one is a doozy, as 73% of consumers love a brand because of helpful customer service. A brand monitoring tool can reveal how you’re doing, so you can be sure to get ahead of any misunderstandings.

Sentiment Spotting

In today’s climate, consumers make purchases based on emotion. These sentiments are influenced by personal relationships, location, advertising, peer pressure and economic conditions. Psychology Today reports that “positive emotions toward a brand have a far greater influence on consumer loyalty than trust and other judgments.” It is critical to get inside of consumers’ heads and hearts to understand how they feel about your brand and why. Sentiment analysis tools track these fluctuating emotions around any given topic, offering detailed intel to make better decisions.

Share of Voice

Brand monitoring compares your share of voice to others, allowing you to effectively spy on your competition. This can help you discover their disgruntled customers or just see what they’re doing to win market share. Applying their success strategies to your own and learning from their mistakes saves you from recreating the wheel and helps you ramp up your offering much faster to win again.

Discovering Trends

While monitoring your brand, you will come across trending words and terms. And you’ll inevitably notice an uptick in conversations about your product too. A brand monitoring tool helps differentiate the noise from conversation that matters. This gives you greater confidence in whatever direction you pursue when new products. And it helps feed greater connectivity with consumers.

Let’s look at some of the brand monitoring tools out there, and see why they are relevant and how they can aid your brand.

Brand Monitoring Tools to Consider

1. NetBase Quid

NetBase Quid is the Rolls Royce of brand monitoring tools. It has all of the fancy bells and whistles, but doesn’t sacrifice quality. It is an all-around brand monitoring tool that pays close attention to deciphering sentiments, engagements, keywords, brand mentions, posts, images, various languages and so much more. It pulls intel from the social web, which includes social media channels, news, blogs, forums, journals, reviews sites and anywhere consumers are active online really.

The data is semantically organized for easier digestion and you can segment it by demographics, common interests, professions, bio terms and much more for a deeper look at your audience. Crisis management, text analysis, competitive intelligence, influencer management and everything brand health are par for the course here, including:

  • Trend analysis – Identify growing trends and utilize them to grow your brand’s voice
  • Campaign Strategy – Know where your consumers are interacting and how to target your messaging. Locate your consumers loves, hates, needs and wants to inform each step along the campaign trail.

Pricing is upon request. Reach out for a demo to try NetBase Quid on for size.


2. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is brand monitoring that’s easy to use and straight to the point: Enter the keyword you want to monitor across the internet and enter your email. Google Alerts sends you notifications when it comes up anywhere online. It’s a completely free tool that can be used to monitor brand mentions by pulling up articles that specifically mention you. It does not pull from social media sites however. This tool is best for a quick peak into a much larger conversation. And if that’s all you need, then this free tool is a great starting point.


3. TweetReach

This brand monitoring tool reveals your tweet reach. It’s a brand monitoring tool that’s focused on hashtags and keywords. It analyzes your accounts based on this intel and provides snapshots of insights into reach, impressions, top tweets and contributors.

Tweet Reach metrics allow you to monitor how consumers are tweeting about you, your campaign or about any topic you wish to explore. This aids in tracking brand health on this very popular social media channel. It’s part of the Union Metrics suite, but that’s a paid tool that we’ll cover soon. This is a free tool.


4. Social Mention

This one offers a little more when it comes to free brand monitoring tools. The analytics it provides have the potential to boost your business a variety of ways. It offers intel on:

  • Brand reach
  • Brand passion
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Top keywords, users, hashtags
  • Sources

The down side is that it’s not able to pull from some of the bigger social media sites, so the analytics are fairly limited. Because of this, it won’t be as accurate as other paid options.


5. Twilert

If you need to monitor multiple brands simultaneously on Twitter then Twilert is a brand monitoring tool that has you covered. It offers this plus the ability to use Boolean searches, narrowing down your results, so that you only get the posts you’re looking for. You can search for tweets within in a different location, or even another language, widening your geo-fence.

Because of its ability to fine-tune, it’s perfect for joining in on very specific and relevant consumer conversations and increasing brand awareness. It is a simplified brand monitoring tool for Twitter alone. Twilert offers a free trial, and their paid packages begin at $9 a month.


6. Union Metrics

Social media analytics takes center stage here. You can monitor your brand across many social media platforms in real time. This intel provides glimpses into reach, trending posts and engagements. It is keyword savvy, monitoring brand keywords and listening for pertinent posts. And a full competitor analysis is also included.

It provides campaign reporting, allowing you to adjust things as needed to keep your brand looking sharp. And no social media analytics tool is complete without a report option, which Union Metrics has.

It begins at $49/month.


7. Hootsuite

This is best known as a social media management tool. However, it does have its own set of brand monitoring tools. By allowing you to link multiple social media channels together, you can create and schedule posts to publish on each individual platform. This brand monitoring tool is designed to help you engage with your consumers, but also track simple metrics such as reach, trending posts and best time of the day to post.

You can create custom streams to focus on particular topics, hashtags, or keywords. This will succeed in pulling only intel relevant to your specified stream. This is particularly useful for campaign analysis, or tracking a competitor’s efforts. The highlight here is twofold:

  • Hootsuite can benchmark your performance and monitor your improvements and then download all of this into a report.
  • Hootsuite can be integrated with NetBase Quid for a deeper brand analysis.

To start is free, but for what we’ve mentioned above, pricing starts at $49 per month.


8. Buffer

This is another social media management tool that offers lighter brand monitoring tool options geared toward social platforms. You begin my connecting your accounts to places like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram. Creating posts on this app is easy, and sharing is a snap.

You can reply to comments on any connected account within the Buffer tool itself. They have one dashboard to rule all of their analytics. And this board includes valuable intel such as content performance and audience demographics for better understanding of your consumers. From here you can create customized reports and export them. They even offer white label reporting.

This very simple tool is $35 a month for 8 social accounts and $50 for ten.


9. Sendible

Sendible offers publishing tools, social listening, reports and analytics. Within this brand monitoring tool, the analytics track your brand efforts and social media campaigns. It also alerts you on visits, page views and content popularity. Sendible discovers which social channels are driving the most traffic for you to better focus your efforts. All of this is helpful when maintaining brand health and identifying your position.

Price begins at $29 per month and has several tiers to explore.


10. Mentionlytics

Mentionlytics offers something unique. Not only does it tell you when your brand is mentioned, it identifies trolls – those meanies on the internet taunting you from behind a computer screen. It then offers suggestions on how to deal with them. This is a very critical feature as it aids you in finding a solution and protecting your brand perception.

And just as it gives you advice on the trolls, it does the same for you with your social media performance. If the tool finds that your posts perform the best on Wednesday, it tells you this so you can make the most of your brand presence.

Along with this, this brand monitoring tool offers crisis identification and industry insights to keep your brand in the know and ahead of the game.

Mentionlytics is $99 per month and has three more tiers of pricing.


11. Awario

Two words: Social selling. This is possibly the best feature of this brand monitoring tool and it falls into the competitive analysis category. Awario has a tool called Awario Leads. This finds posts asking for recommendations of a product similar to yours and finds posts where followers are complaining about your competitor. You then get a feed of sales opportunities in real-time. This is an amazing way to grow your brand’s voice and presence.

Awario also provides social listening and analytics such as reach, mentions using a sentiment analysis tool, influencers by social network, and analyzing your brand’s efforts.


12. Social Searcher

Social Searchers main objective is your brands reputation and health. It’s straight forward and very simple. Input your brand name, or that of a competitor and you will be privy to mentions and posts about you in seconds.

After your search is finished it then shows you analytics from different social media sites where you’ve been mentioned. This includes sentiments, volume of mentions over time and on which platform, related hashtags and a few more. This is a good basic brand monitoring tool, though it doesn’t allow clicking on the metrics for greater understanding.

You can sign up for email alerts and on-going monitoring. This tool is completely free.


13. Hubspot

This brand monitoring tool connects various social media channels in one area, making managing them easier and time saving.  It helps monitor your brand by revealing impressions, clicks on your posts, relevant conversations and brand mentions.

It offers out-of-the-box social reports where you can compare your performance on each of these platforms. This includes tracking your ROI of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and even Google advertising to see which channels are worth the effort.

Pricing starts at $50 per month and climbs to $3,200/monthly.


14. BuzzSumo

This tool helps analyze what type of content gets the most shares on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This enlightens your brand as to what content is making meaningful connections with your consumers. You can analyze keywords, blogs, website URLs, or an author’s name. It also offers filtering options that include demographics, domains, type of content and language for further audience understanding.

It has a free option, though search results are very limited. Paid options begin at $99 monthly and there are several tiers to consider.


15. Audiense

Audiense is a brand monitoring tool that brings segmentation to the table and center of your Twitter analytics. Its goal is to find niche audiences where your brand can create chatter and engage for maximum exposer. This naturally aids you in understanding your consumers better which leads to better shared content and engagements.

Audiences are grouped into like categories and can be sorted many different ways such as common interest, values, geographical location and job roles.

Pricing for this tool is free to start with basic features. Paid plans begin at $79.


16. Brand24

Brand 24 has a free sentiment analysis brand monitoring tool that helps protect your reputation. It does this by monitoring for negative comments so you can be first to intercept them, preventing a possible PR crisis. And nothing knocks a brand down a notch quicker than negative press. You spend a lot of time building brand health, you want to protect it!

This tool provides mention counts, your audiences’ individual post reach and engagement. And one of its best attributes is it can detect sarcasm in text, which if left undetected could produce faulty analytics. This tool is free.


17. Socialert

Socialert is a brand monitoring tool for analyzing keywords and brand mentions. It does exactly what its name suggests: It alerts your brand of any mentions or found brand keywords, including hashtags.

Once you sign up the tool asks what you’d like to monitor and you input your name or keywords. It takes only a few seconds to analyze and provides the following:

  • Daily post count
  • Attached sentiment
  • Geographical locations
  • Influencer locating and ranking
  • Most active users
  • Most Re-tweeted/reposted mention
  • Used keywords
  • Top URL’s

Pricing is set at $24.95/ monthly and has three more tiers.


18. Ahrefs

Better described as an SEO tool, Ahrefs is a brand monitoring tool that tracks keywords and SEO visibility. You are able to see what percentage of clicks from organic search traffic lands on your website. They provide a snapshot of progress over time and then rank your position.

All of this helps you know where you stand with your SEO. Are your efforts effective? If not, your brand may not be getting the attention it needs.

Pricing begins at $99 with multiple pay tiers.


19. SEMrush

Semrush is multi-faceted but it stands out from some of our other brand monitoring tools for its market analysis tool. Here you can conduct a competitive analysis of other people in your industry and track online performance and trends. You’re also able to analyze you consumers demands and interests, geo-distribution and activities as a way to strengthen your connectivity with them and improve your online strategies.

Pricing starts at $119/monthly with several pay tiers offered.


20. Mention

Our last of the brand monitoring tools is Mention. From this website you can monitor search results, news, blogs, and even social media channels surrounding your brand. You can set up email alerts to keep you updated on all changes. It has a ‘anti-noise technology’ which allows the user to run Boolean searches, refining the quality of your results. You can use up to 2,000 characters and combine keywords and phrases to customize your query for ultra-fine-tuned results and insights to inform you of specific interests. This tool is $25 per month with more tiers priced above that.


Monitoring your brand should never be taken lightly. There are a variety of tools out there that can help you get the job done. It’s best however, if you can find all those tools in one place. Reach out for a demo!

2021 brand loyalty report

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