Brace Yourself
Mike Baglietto |
 05/10/11 |
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Nothing makes a new CEO feel more welcome than embracing his clothing preferences. That’s why CTO Mark Bowles and our staff declared Friday, April 29 to be “Braces Day” at NetBase in honor of our new CEO, Peter Caswell, and his habit of wearing what we call suspenders, but what Peter calls “braces.” (“Suspenders,” he sniffs in his distinctly English manner, “are what women use to hold up their stockings.”)

Our own Dr. Wei Li produced a video tribute to the day, which you can watch here. Or, to see more details in the braces, watch it in HD here.

Reviewers have held up their end of the bargain by providing gushing reviews of the tribute. Here are a few:

  • “Bracing!” — Hollywood Tattler
  • “Suspenseful!” — Nordstrom Entertainment Weekly
  • “The first time we have ever nominated an inanimate object as Best Supporting Actor.” — Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

Welcome, Peter! Just don’t expect to see too many of us wearing those braces on a regular basis ;-)

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