Online is like the Wild West, with the quickest draw blazing a path for other social insight-slingers to follow – but that only takes a brand so far. Eventually your brand needs to be the outlaw leading the pack and taking the risks – or you’ll be stuck battling back a crew of fellow copycats in a crowded Twitter race.

Here are some bold brands to inspire your inner outlaw.

Embrace New Frontiers

It’s easy to think your brand is your brand wherever you go – but in truth, audience preferences change drastically from region to region. Expecting any global campaign to be one-size-fits-all will only tell your fans how little you know or care about them.

What’s a better way? Using AI analytics to get to the heart of regional distinctions – the passions that motivate them to act – to offer audiences an experience targeted uniquely to them.

Taco Bell is a master at this. Their international arm uses geofenced social insights to learn what drives audience passion before they launch in any new market. As a result, there’s no such thing as a “typical” restaurant opening for the Mexican-inspired quick service chain.

From Hip Hop in Tokyo, to electronic dance music in India, to local art in the Netherlands, every restaurant opening is a one-of-a-kind event tailored to the fans of that geographic area. That’s how you blaze a trail fans will remember.

Pro Tip: Keep social dashboards running 24-7, with geofenced versions to uncover cool local insights.

Taco Bell is so good at openings, there are lines around the corner, and even police details – and people remember them years later

Deputize Your Followers

The whole point of social is to interact with the collective and make connections that turn into new and continued business for your brand. One of the best ways to do that is to activate that collective to reach others on your behalf.

It’s something all brands want, but only some make happen – like iHeartRadio.

They call it influencer marketing “with a twist” – and it’s that twist of giving power back to the fans that sets them apart from other brands.

Using social analytics, they identify influencers who over-index for a particular artist – then recruit those listeners to be fan ambassadors charged with nominating other people to create relevant chatter for artists in specific categories.

They use social sentiment to turn influencers into matchmakers for their artists and fans – and it’s brilliant.

Pro Tip: “Play in the data” to find the right compelling stories to craft for clients; all the better if you have tools that deliver real-time insights that don’t require multiple iterations to view and understand – like NetBase.

Fans of artists turn artists into fans too…

Talk to Your Posse in Their Language

Segmentation is crucial to reaching the unique individuals your audience is made up of – something we know from seeing bold brands succeed in this way.

Visa is one example of a brand connecting to new audiences and finding out exactly what they want to hear from the finance/credit giant.

Visa keeps their finger on the pulse of global digital payments, catering to various audiences – whether that means QR codes in India, supporting Apple pay in the UAE, or understanding where payments are headed and who will most want new technology like eye-scans and biometrics.

They recognize that every marketing segment has its own needs and values. Using a search of Twitter bios, they defined how SMB owners see themselves, allowing them to communicate on paint points that matter to this specific audience. Sentiment positivity increased by 50-60% with his new strategy.

Pro Tip: Use AI analytics to create a customizable database of segment insights to understand what they care about most, then feed that data into your marketing strategy to humanize your outreach.

There’s Gold in Being Bold

Putting social sentiment at the forefront of brand decision-making is a smart move that not all brands are wrangling effectively. But it’s never too late to start. Make a bold move now and get competitors shakin’ in their boots. Then see how quickly they follow suit.

Haven’t seen our AI analytics tools in action? We’ll show you how they make social sentiment more accurate than ever – just reach out!


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