The Best TikTok Trends to Use in Your Marketing Strategy

Should your brand be paying attention to TikTok in 2022? Most likely, yes. TikTok trends are taking over online, with reach extending well beyond the walls of its app. Let’s see how it looks and hopefully inspire some campaign creation of your own.

We have ten TikTok ads from a variety of categories below to put this ‘TikTok trend potential’ in context. We’ll share what kind of results each has experienced, as well as:

  • How to use TikTok trends
  • Ways to attract Millennial & Gen Z using TikTok trends
  • Converting leads using TikTok’s marketing tools

TikTok trends lead the way with many brands’ advertising efforts these days. And it makes sense, as TikTok is ‘the’ place to be right now:

  • TikTok has one billion monthly active users
  • Users are more engaged on TikTok with over 10% higher engagement ratios than other social media networks
  • The global user spending in TikTok is $4 million USD
  • TikTok has been downloaded 3 billion times, and in the first six months of 202, it was the most downloaded non-game app, hitting 383 million installs from January to June 2021 alone.

marketing on tiktok

How to Use TikTok Trends

TikTok is the future for marketing. What started out at a young person’s app is quickly appealing to consumers of all ages. And this makes it even more critical for brands to be present there, which means uncovering the newest and best TikTok trends. And this can be done on TikTok in just a few steps:

  • Searching the hashtag #trendalert. TikTok users are very proactive when it comes to identifying videos with trending features and they use this hashtag to identify it for other users to follow.
  • Paying attention to your For You Page (#FYP), and keeping a close eye on repeated sounds, music, dances, , that you come across – these could be trends in the making.
  • Looking at the Discover Tab. These videos are more likely to receive more love because of the way TikTok’s algorithm works (its algorithm is very in tune with veiwers and is always shifting to stay that way).

But there’s also an easier, more time efficient way to discover the best TikTok trends that doesn’t require you to lose hours watching the app –  and it involves social listening. With it, you can do more than just identify trends; you can:

  • Figure out which trends will be worth your investment for your next campaign,
  • Pinpoint which trends will perform better with the demographic of consumers you’re targeting
  • Identify outlier conversations that deviate from those in the overall norm (to capture wind of emerging trends early)

For example, below, we’ve captured of view of these outlier TikTok trends that are receiving the most engagement.


It looks like the dance challenges Cute Ponnu and Liquorose are gaining some popularity, as evidenced below by the number of plays each of these videos have received.


Will these continue to gain traction as time passes? Brands wanting to get in on a trend early should monitor it to see!

And even if these trends grow though, will they hit home with Millennials and Gen Z? If this is the age demographic you’re trying to lure, you need to be sure that your bait is specific to them . . .

Attracting Millennials & Gen Z with TikTok Trends

Having a trending topic doesn’t guarantee that it’s trending in every circle. Millennials and Gen Z are a huge part of TikTok. A demographic analysis shows that the largest share of posts belongs to both Millennials and Gen Z:


Uncovering what they’re talking about, how often they’re talking about it and if the subject is gaining momentum or waning within their group is critical to hitting your mark.

But it’s not just age one must consider when looking for the best TikTok trends. It’s all demographic intel – and this goes beyond gender, ethnicity and generational divides and explores the waters of professions, interests and even other brands that your consumers love. These are the details which will give your brand insight around how to connect with these specific consumers in an authentic way – and at scale.

Converting Leads with TikTok’s Marketing Tools

One size does not fit all when it comes to attracting the attention of different consumer segments. This is why social analytics tools are so crucial. They help brands discover new potential touchpoints to connect with these potential purchasers.

Each person has loves, hates, wishes, and desires. Bob is not just a 56-year-old man. He’s a librarian who loves the outdoors. And these details can help a company target Bob and others like him. If you can figure out the details, you can convert them from the awareness/consideration phase to asking questions about your products, and even making a purchase.

Monitoring our sample of TikTok consumers, we can see what their varied interests are. The obvious standouts are Music, Arts and Crafts, Gaming and even Anime and Comics. However, there are smaller segments such as Pets, Movies and Travel which could also be used to leverage conversation for your brand, targeting a smaller but important niche, as relevant.


Combine that with sentiments surrounding a specific TikTok trend to get a better understanding of how the trend is perceived – and by whom – before you decide to jump in to a hashtag challenge with both feet. For example, we have a compilation of ten savvy brands that used adopted some of best TikTok trends to elevate their presence and increase their brand awareness – and you can be sure their efforts were supported by social analytics.

10 Ads That Went Viral on TikTok


When you’re looking to launch a sandwich that you are going to name the “best chicken sandwich ever,” you need an ad that can live up to the hype. KFC turned to TikTok and through the use of two Top View ads, they captured many consumers’ attention.

Top View ads are those that are seen first when a user initially opens up the TikTok app. Using this, and joining with several popular personalities such as Lili Hayes, KFC gained 221 million video views and 259 million impressions. Additionally, they earned a host of positive comments from TikTok users, ending with an astounding overall engagement rate of 9.3%.


TikTok is for everyone –  and if you don’t believe it, well, we give you Scotts – a leader in lawn care. Scott’s objective was to connect with a younger generation. To do this they adapted their Superbowl commercial, adding a smattering of John Travolta and his daughter Ella dancing. This encouraged young TikTok users to go out on their lawns and showcase their best dance moves, using the hashtag #DoTheScottsSlide. And doing this entered participants in a lawncare sweepstakes.

@johntravolta Thanks to my daughter @ella.travolta for being a great dance partner. Join us and #DoTheScottsSlide @scotts_lawn #lawn #ad ♬ Sunday Best – Surfaces

In just two days, over 670,000 users created 1.2 million videos. And a post-campaign brand lift study showed a 5.9% increase in ad recall and a 1.9% increase in brand approval.


Just as TikTok is taking over the social media landscape, so sustainability if taking over consumer conversation. And this has led HP to set out to be the most sustainable company. To drive that message home, they enlisted the help of a hashtag challenge.

Using #HPRadicalReuse and the help of comedian @dreaknowsbest and environmental activist @alisonsadventures, the hashtag challenge showcased how these two reused and recycled in their daily lives, encouraging the TikTok community to do likewise. The challenge had a reach of over 68 million in the US and over 1.4 billion video views during the campaign.  Additionally, a post-campaign brand lift study showed a 5.9% increase in ad recall and a 1.9% increase in brand favorability.

Amazon SG

Amazon is a global company that knows a thing or two about capturing the attention of consumers. When it came time to push Amazon Day in Singapore, this savvy brand turned to TikTok for not only the hashtag challenge, but also for branded effects.

Utilizing both of these tools, users were encouraged to take a video of themselves unboxing their treasures from Amazon, while capturing their reactions and using #UnboxAmazonPrimeSG. To make it more fun, Amazon created a branded effect of an Amazon box, with the opened box framing the screen from the bottom-up. And of course, the best video would win a $50 gift card to Amazon.

This campaign effort resulted in a reach of 909,000 people and 3,6 million total unique video views, which isn’t surprising at all, as user generated campaigns (UGCs) are the marketing promotions that consumers love best!

Social Dot

It’s not only giant brands leveraging TikTok. Social Dot is a smaller business that used Spark Ads to increase the company’s brand awareness and promote its profile.

Sparks Ads is a native TikTok ad format which allows brands to promote their own organic posts as TopView or In-Feed Ads. By jumping on the TikTok trend #youhavetostop, they increased their followers by 44%.

Farmer’s Dog

@goldenbearollie #ad The benefits of feeding fresh foods to your pups are endless! That’s why we love @The Farmer’s Dog! Use the link in our bio for 60% off your order! BIG SAVINGS! #thefarmersdog ♬ Fall Sounds – Lofee

This brand used Spark Ads to target adults 25 years or older who were interested in the pet category. Their goal was to achieve lower CPAs at scale. They did this by following TikTok’s best practices – timely advice that is always evolving and crucial for any brand wanting to get noticed on this bustling social platform.

For Farmer’s Dog, they have continuously reduced their CPA by 62% thanks to consistent work on the app and closely monitooring trends –  and they were able to increase their conversion rate by 5%.

Intuit Quick books

Intuit Quick books launched a campaign featuring a Branded Hashtag Challenge with 2D Branded Effect and custom music to pay tribute to small businesses for continuing to work hard, even during challenging times. With an audience base that consists largely of individuals and an increasing number of entrepreneurs, finding a way to connect with this audience was key.

The  #QuickBooksVictoryPose encouraged users to strike a victory pose and promote their achievements, offering promotion juice to every small business participating, making this a win-win. This resulted in 442 million engagements and 1.4 million video creations.


VNG, one of Vietnams lead mobile game publishers, wanted to boost brand presence and increase mobile app installations for their newest game VLTK1M. They used an In-Feed ad campaign on its official launch day, targeting those who had seen their original ad but had not yet downloaded the game. This was a great way to reconnect with an audience that was interested, but hesitant.

And to instill a familiarity with users, VNG partnered with popular local TikTok creators to keep the ads relevant and accessible to the Vietnamese people. They didn’t go general gaming influencers, but really niched down – and the specificity paid off. Adding this personal touch resulted in 46K app downloads and 450% ROAS.

Uncle Fluffy

This Dubai-based Japanese Cheesecake company is a global franchise and when they longed to increase their follower count, they went to TikTok’s Spark Ads.  Understanding that creativity is paramount to TikTok content, Uncle Fluffy has several original characters they’ve created over the years that star in their videos. Utilizing these and some of their most loved content, within just 14 days, they had reached one million followers by gaining 878,000 new followers – all from targeted, organic and relevant content. The lesson here is to stay consistent and monitor metrics closely.

Colgate Philippines

TikTok hosts a Mega Sales Day, where brands like Colgate offer their consumers great deals. But of course, it’s a crowded arena, so to stand out this smiling brand harnessed the power of TikTok Mega Mall. It’s a content sponsorship package that uses innovative solutions such as TikTok LIVE and TikTok Lucky Draw, to boost a brand’s objective. Consumers earn tokens by completing branded tasks such as following Colgate on TikTok, visiting its marketplace stores and sharing the Mega Mall landing page.

Colgate’s efforts gained over 214.8 million total impressions, leading to 1.4 million unique visitors to TikTok Mega Mall. And over 75,600 people gravitated to TikTok Lucky Draw where 8,000 vouchers were claimed. That’s a fantastic potential client capture for any brand.

And that’s really the point – TikTok works for brands of any size, as there are endless options available, allowing for (and encouraging) scaled spend. As part of this though, staying on top of the best TikTok trends is critical when seeking to stay relevant in that social space. And likewise, keeping up to date on the best social listening practices there and elsewhere online will be imperative as we kick off 2022! And you can kill two birds with one stone by reaching out for a demo!

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