“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” – so goes the old management maxim. In the world of social media, it’s the same – except many businesses have been stuck at measuring, while still coming up short on managing or improving their social KPIs.

On March 31 at 8:00 a.m. PST, we’ll help you get un-stuck with the webinar, The World’s Most Awesome Brands Have This In Common. The 30-minute discussion will be led by  Ryan Taketa and Jami Blackburn @ NetBase, who’ll share great info about how to apply social listening tools to get the results you want.

What can you expect?

For starters, you’ll see a demo of the NetBase social monitoring platform by two people who know the software and its various tools inside and out. Ryan and Jami will share how our clients – from major brands to PR, advertising and marketing agencies – use social media analytics to manage their marketing campaigns, increase revenue, grow their brands, and connect with consumers.

They’ll offer real-world examples of leading brands and agencies who use NetBase to drive success, and they’ll show you how to do the same by using the right tool for the goal at hand.

Pick your tool, or combine them

For example, for a broad overview of consumer opinion you could use Facebook Topic Data to discover how self-described demographic groups on the world’s largest social network feel about a particular topic. If 30-something men in the Houston area are posting positively about the upcoming baseball season, that’s useful information.

You could then take a look at Twitter using Audience 3D™ to see if that audience is active there as well. And you could use A3D to see who else is talking about baseball – people outside of Houston? Women? Men in other age groups?

By focusing on common interests besides baseball, you could craft messaging about your sporting goods brand, MLB team, or anything that fits within the audience segments you’ve discovered. You could reach out to those segments and connect more personally than if you spoke to everyone that fell into your overarching demographic at once. And you’d also be speaking to people that were never part of that demographic – expanding your reach.

Finally, you could set up a LIVE Pulse™ to follow these audiences through Opening Day, to see what real-time trends you can use to deepen your connection.

How do these tactics translate?

And connecting is the ballgame – pun intended! To win, brands must change how they approach KPIs. Counting mentions and followers is no longer enough for brands to measure the success of their social media efforts.

But the insights that can be harvested from real-time social listening – like sentiment and psychographic behaviors – have enormous value for brands. Not only do they speak to what consumers think, feel and want at any moment, they can help you shift strategies as quickly as social users’ whims and fancies change.

The impact of acting on this real-time data can be huge:

  • $30 million in PR value leveraging social campaign management
  • An 80% year-over-year savings in cost of services
  • A 45% decrease in number of monthly customer care calls

Those are real values from real brands – and they could be yours. Ryan and Jami will tell you how to leverage the right social listening tools to make it so.

So join the webinar The World’s Most Awesome Brands Have This In Common on March 31 – and maybe next time we’ll be featuring your awesome brand as our success story.

If you can’t attend, call us to improve your social KPIs through social listening now.

Image from Pedro

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