NetBase Social Media Industry Report 2019 Global Beauty Brands

Global beauty brands have lots of competition online in 2019 – and 2020 is shaping up for much of the same, but coming at them faster. The NetBase Social Media Industry Report 2019: Global Beauty Brands shares popular brand insight, which will inform your efforts as we head into the most wonderful time of the year for retailers: the holidays!

The report is organized into categories:

  • Makeup
  • Nails
  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Fragrance
  • Bath & Body

beauty brands categories in report

And it offers an exploration of a variety of beauty brands’ online activity, particularly on social media. There are social media metrics for each, along with relevant insights and examples.

Which global beauty brands were included?

For this report, we looked at 55 of the world’s most loved beauty brands to see how they perform across six key metrics including mentions, posts, potential impressions, sentiment and engagement over a year’s time, from August 1st, 2018—August 1st, 2019, in English only.

It’s interesting to note that makeup brands occupy seven out of 10 spots in the top ten list, even though they have the lowest Net Sentiment score (above).

And then, nails and skincare, coming in at 88 and 87 respectively in the Net Sentiment scale, have no representation in the Top 10.  And they make up a lesser percentage (each separately) than the rest of the sub-categories on the list:

Net Sentiment scale of beauty brands in report

What did we learn from our global beauty brand exploration?

We can break down some lessons learned by segment to give a preview of our findings, and will in a moment. But it’s important to note that the cosmetics products market will be an 863 billion dollar industry by 2024. So, paying attention to what’s happening in the beauty brands space and speaking to unmet needs will be super important. Brands that are not on top of their social listening game will be leaving lots of money on the table for competitors. This report shows ways top brands are attacking this potential. And how you can too.

Now for some category-specific tips/trends taken directly from the report. These are just snippets to whet your appetite, as there’s so much great info there to share!


If anyone questions the value of social, Anastasia Beverly Hills, who is reputed to be worth $1.2 billion, has an Instagram strategy that is largely focused on working with smaller beauty brand micro influencers. These folks receive products to review 1–3 weeks before each launch, helping to create buzz before the product is out.

category insights for makeup

Is your brand using influencers to generate awareness? Shouldn’t it be?


OPI leads in mentions with over 66% of the category mentions. Many beauty brand consumers share their favorite colors or signature shades. This is due to OPI creating buzz while also pleasing their loyal fans by listening to them on social and bringing back their favorite colors. These shades were decided via social media mentions, for a limited-edition release, called #opifanfaves.

This is consumer understanding at its finest, and it continues to generate love – and mentions. Brand awareness is being done for them, instead of just to sell something to them. Awesome.


While not all the conversation is positive about Pantene, their “Pantene Beautiful Lengths” program sure is. It’s where women donate their hair to be made into wigs for female cancer patients. And it results in many positive mentions for the brand. It’s undoubtedly something they monitor closely.

Having amazing PR happening for your brand is never a bad thing – and it can help generate goodwill among current beauty brand consumers who may be considering a shampoo switch. And it’s absolutely a great thing for potential clients to stumble upon when searching for regular person reviews of your products!


Olay ran a string of commercials during the UK’s reality show “Love Island” in July 2019 that beauty brand consumers found to be annoying,. There were over 400 negative mentions of the offending commercial or “advert” trending for Olay. That’s not a trending conversation you’d want to have happening online, particularly when those actually using your product love it.

Monitoring the conversation and knowing when an advertisement has run its course and possibly needs to be pulled, is important!

monitoring skincare conversation 


Hermes fragrances are highly positive. But the overall sentiment around the brand suffers as a result of a Business Insider article talking about the exclusivity of the brand. And many beauty brand consumers saying they would not want a Hermes bag as a result of their using Alligator or Ostrich skins.

This shows how one separate practice your brand participates in can negatively impact the rest of your offerings. And where social monitoring comes in to help you get ahead of these consumer conversations. Or at least be aware of them, as they could be a game changer.

Bath & Body

Pond’s Skin Care, maker of “Cold Cream” and makeup remover wipes, leads in sentiment for all KPIs of Price, Value, Ingredients and Cruelty Free. They didn’t have a lot of mentions, but do well for the products they offer. A competitor whose name you’ll know, suffers across some KPIs because it’s not “cruelty free.” And many online posts are about switching from this brand because of it!

And that’s really a huge takeaway in the overarching beauty category. Brands shouldn’t view “cruelty free” as a passing trend. It’s a way of life for many consumers. And brands that are listening to this growing concern will do well. Consumers love being listened to, after all. Are you?

Download the NetBase Social Media Industry Report 2019: Global Beauty Brands to learn more! And contact us if you want to dive deeper into the beauty brand data. We’re ready to be your social insight guide!

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