When I was a kid, there was always a lot of talk about global warming, but I had no idea that this warming would make everything so cold. I’ve spent a few days in Vegas during the last two weeks and had the opportunity to moderate a panel including Caesars Entertainment’s Eric Petersen, who shared a picture of the Caesars fountains frozen outside of the hotel! Even sunny California has been cold – my neighbor has been shrouding their trees in blankets to keep them warm. And the whole time it was that cool here, my sister in Boston told me it was a mild 61 degrees for them…so I guess global warming is just turning us all on our heads.  The January 26th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker covered this cold snap and found that 66% of Facebook and Twitter users hate the cold, while 3% cracked jokes. Personally, I hate being cold but I find it fascinating that a whole 31% of online users love it; maybe they’re like my dad, who loves to bundle up under thick, warm blankets. I decided to dig into the “Love It” category and see what’s driving the passion for these frigid temperatures:

I love winter.  Amazing cold weather.

Love taking long showers.  In the cold weather.  Love it love it.  :y.

Loving this cold weather.   Hating that I can’t be on a mountain to enjoy it…

So, what do you think? I head off to New York tomorrow for the Women’s Wear Daily Digital Conference, so I’ll be packing for snow! Drop me a line if you’ll also be at WWD!

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