Seujan Bertram

Chief Operating Officer
NetBase Quid

Seujan is Chief Operating Officer and responsible for Account Management, Business Analytics, Customer Success, Customer Experience, Consulting and Professional Services.

She a deep passion for ensuring her customers are wildly successful. She is a strategic and innovative executive with a strong focus on operational excellence and customer success. In her last role at OpenMarket (an Amdocs company), she drove 30%+ YoY revenue growth over three years through strategic planning and hands-on executive leadership and direction, resulting in a successful divestiture and purchase in 2020.

Seujan is a performance-driven culture leader and has extensive experience leading change, growth and transformation at some of the most successful companies in the world. She has built, led and scaled functionally and geographically diverse teams at Starbucks, Tableau and OpenMarket to deliver the highest level of services for customers and employees. She is an executive sponsor and indefatigable advocate for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. She strongly believes that a diverse and inclusive company culture is a critical foundation for the continued success of any organization.

Seujan has an MBA from Seattle University and has continued as a mentor for their Albers School of Business and Economics graduate student program. Additionally she has an MA in Social Science from Binghamton University and a BA in Education from West Chester University. She recently served on the Board of Directors for the Seattle Credit Union and continues to engage in programs and initiatives to enable a more diverse Board of Directors.

In her spare time, she trains for endurance running events, and she and her wife are currently repeating Basic Manners class with their exuberant rescue pittie mix puppy.
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