Candida McCollam

Candida McCollam is the founder of Localspeak, a NYC-based global market research services and social media insights consultancy. As a language and cultural insights partner to brand innovators, Localspeak works with leading international market researcher firms and brands. A business partner of NetBase, Localspeak’s social media insights practice covers global brand insights and analytics in 43 languages.

Candida is a featured contributor to Social Media Today, specializing in Global Fashion Analysis and Trends. Candida’s most recent fashion foray is a fashion and style consultancy (in development) called BoomerAmped—invoking a style influencer of a certain age (Boomer), revved on life itself (Amped)—Age-defying, Mod, Plucky, Elegant Dame.

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Is Luxury Fashion Love Blind In Social?

Is Luxury Fashion Love Blind In Social?

All you need is love. Or so it seems the love potion luxury fashion houses are brewing in social media has the potency to cast that elusive spell on social media “luxurians,” customers and aspirationals alike. The cat’s meow in luxury fashion may not always be what...

London Fashion Week Flexes Its Tech Appeal

In a sure sign of the dethroning of oligarchic fashion, the British Fashion Council (BFC), yielding to its ruling "chic" progeny, moved this season's London Fashion Week (LFW) from the stately Somerset House to an active Brewster Street car park in Soho. In stark...

Whither New York Fashion Week Men’s?

After spending a decade in the wings of women’s Fashion Week, NYFW: Men’s recently hosted its own singular event.  Long overshadowed—and equally overdue by some accounts—by the high profile pomp of annual seasonal global women’s catwalks, men’s collections, and their...

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