As I work with NetBase customers to help them integrate social media understanding into their business processes, the question of developing trust comes up over and over again. Our customers rely on the insights that NetBase delivers—insights into consumer opinions, emotions, and behaviors—to make important business decisions. In turn, they need to trust that these insights are built from accurate, reliable data. People across the organization want to be able to answer questions like:

  • Is social media representative of overall consumer populations?
  • Is NetBase data representative of the social media universe?
  • What levels of accuracy does NetBase deliver?
  • How does NetBase capture data? Does the repository include any data that consumers consider to be private?

Social media understanding is still in its infancy; and we at NetBase believe that trust is the critical element that will make social media a strategic data source for businesses. As a result, we are committed to helping our customers cultivate trust by providing transparency about the service we offer. That’s what the ConsumerBase Accuracy and Trust Repository is all about.

The ConsumerBase Accuracy and Trust Repository is a new site housed within the NetBase Customer Support Portal. It offers our customers a wealth of information about the data in ConsumerBase and the social media universe as a whole. It also includes useful links to NetBase policies that address key questions about the data in ConsumerBase.

The repository is an investment NetBase has made in the mutual success of our customers and our company. Whether you’re an analyst who uses ConsumerBase every day or an executive championing social media to the key stakeholders in your business, this site will provide you with facts you can use to validate consumer insights, educate your peers, and communicate the role that social media plays in understanding consumers.

NetBase customers can find a link to the ConsumerBase Accuracy and Trust Repository from the home page of the Customer Support Portal.

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