Weibo, a.k.a. Chinese Twitter, has attracted a great deal of attention in the US and in China with the news of its IPO this week. In the US, there is a lot of excitement about the opportunity to invest in the Chinese tech company that has over 149 million users and an enviable ad-generating business. However, financial news have turned sour in the last few days with reports from MarketWatch and Financial Times stating that some of the numbers provided by Weibo in its IPO documentation may have been inflated.

In finance, investment decisions are often driven by collective behavior. To help you get a quick read of how the collective (i.e. internet users) is thinking about, feeling and reacting to the Weibo IPO, NetBase invites you to check out our LIVE Pulse – a real-time dashboard analyzing:

  • Number of Weibo IPO mentions on social
  • People’s sentiment about the IPO
  • Key emerging topics

You can see a LIVE Pulse here. Below is a snapshot of Weibo IPO at on April 16 at 3:22 pm PST.

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 3.27.08 PM

The LIVE Pulse is powered by NetBase patented Natural Language Processing engine that lets it analyze millions of posts and display results with real-time speed.

NetBase analyzes social media in 42 different languages, including Chinese. In fact, NetBase is the only social media analytics platform that understands the grammar of social media in Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese, both simplified and traditional scripts. If you’d like to see how NetBase surfaces accurate sentiment and actionable insights from a wide array of Chinese social media, including Weibo, request a demo today.

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