dozen pink rosesTime to Leave The Social Analytics Platform Dating Game And Put a Ring On It

Commitment is never easy. Whether it’s an amazing guy/gal you’ve been dating, a job opportunity, or your stylist – sometimes you want to leave your options open.

But what happens when you DO decide it’s time to settle down? Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a checklist telling you what you should be looking for – so you’d know you made the right decision?

We can’t help with your love life, but we CAN offer a checklist for choosing a social analytics platform. You won’t even need a pre-nup.

All your deal-breakers met

Just because a platform looks good on paper doesn’t mean you’ll love it in reality. As you’re “playing the field,” here are some characteristics you should be taking into consideration:

Design – Yes, it matters, but it’s not just about looks. Quality design is something that goes beyond “pretty” and takes into account user interface and experience. If it looks good but doesn’t function well, it’s not worth a second date.

Low maintenance – When dating becomes WORK, that’s not a good sign. The same is true of an analytics platform. If you’re the one jumping through all the hoops, it’s not a good match. You want a platform that easily integrates with your existing systems, and doesn’t require major overhauls on a regular basis. It should also be easy to learn and use.

Willing to travel – You shouldn’t have to give up your active lifestyle just because you’re married. A good platform will work across all mobile devices as well as desktop, so you have access when and where you need it. And if you go international, you want someone who speaks the local language (we have 42 languages and counting under our belt!) to guide you.

Price – You do usually get what you pay for, so don’t “cheap out.” But no one likes a gold-digger either – especially if what you’re paying for is all flash and no substance. The right platform, however, is worth whatever it costs – because the long-term ROI will more than make up for the initial spend.

Trust (i.e., security) – You know better than to share anything personal with that blabber-mouth work friend, but with your one and only you should know all your secrets are safe. Same goes for your social data platform. Sensitive information about clients and competitors MUST be secure.

Friends seal of approval – No platform company is going to say, “We’re terrible, don’t choose us!” Obviously. So who do you trust? Other users. Be sure to check out user reviews and testimonials before saying “I do.”

Awesome in-laws – Okay, in life you can’t choose your in-laws, you just have to hope you luck out. In this case “in-laws” is code for “customer support team.” Be sure you’ll have live help on offer when you need it.

Options you think you can live without – but shouldn’t!

Variety – Married doesn’t mean boring. Sometimes, you want to stay home and watch TV. Other times, you want to salsa dance ’til dawn. You want a partner game for anything, and ditto in a platform. Whether you want to target by specific audience segments, look at consumer emotions and net sentiment, or see visualized data for insights at a glance, you should have the option.

Hip and fresh – Okay, it’s not necessarily appealing if you’re dressing like a teenager in your 40’s (though some can pull it off), but an analytics platform has to be up to date on everything happening “rn” (that’s “right now” if you’re hip). It’s adorable (sometimes) when your parents can’t figure out how to program the DVR. It’s not adorable if your social platform is behind the times. Some relationships just aren’t meant to be.

Growth potential – Marriage is a journey, not a destination. As time goes on, partners grow and change, and the other person has to be willing to adapt to those changes. A platform that is constantly innovating with users’ needs in mind should be your goal.

Really knows you – You’re not looking for a fling, you’re looking for a soul-mate, right? Someone who speaks your language, can communicate with just a look, and gets all your jokes. Your social platform needs to do all this too – understanding emojis, “slanguage”, consumer feelings, and every dimension of their personalities. Without those insights, you won’t be able to keep up and the relationship won’t last.

Ready to commit – When you’re ready to commit, you don’t date someone just looking for a little fun. When you’re serious about your business, you don’t want a platform that’s still beta testing, or searching for funding. You want a company that’s invested in what it’s doing, and in it for the long haul.

Maybe you don’t think you need all of the above – but why settle when you can HAVE them? Even if you’re content to date around for the time being, when you see all of these traits falling into place, it’s hard not to fall in love.

So let us know if you’re ready to commit. We’ve got a proposal you won’t be able to turn down. 

Image from Audrey

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