Top Amazon Prime Day Products for 2022

Amazon Prime Days have become an online phenomenon, with brands, influencers, and consumers all eager to cash in on the enormous deals and traffic the multi-day event attracts. We have a roundup of top products this year, and an overview of previous years below!


Technology of many varieties and gaming are always top contenders in our yearly roundups of ‘day of’ mentions, but as we can see below – this year, XBOX far surpassed all others with its free promotion for Amazon Prime members. You can’t beat “free” after all!

Amazon Prime Day 2022

And it doesn’t hurt that beyond creating a frenzy amongst consumers, XBOX established a media blitz, earning mentions in top tier publications about its Prime Day offer.


And if XBOX – or any brand, wanted to better understand where this traffic was coming from, specifically, it could add its owned and partnered accounts (influencers and collaborators) to measure the impact each piece of the converged media puzzle had on its overarching efforts!

As it stands, we can see stellar Net Sentiment, speaking to the love consumers had for the offer, coupled with top Passion Intensity – how strongly they felt about it, as well as the mention count and potential impressions captured web wide:


Beyond that, brands can dig in to see the specific engagement levels on earned media by seeking out metrics associated with various publications, and also which posts shared by influencers are resonating – and on which social channel/with who! More specifically, as seen below – brands can create a dashboard to “monitor and analyze the impact of known influencers and/or detractors. Understand their conversation generally as well as how it is impacting your brand, industry or issue. Further, identify new potential influencers who are engaging with that group.”


Taking our 2022 exploration beyond XBOX, we see Apple, Samsung and Sony – which have made our top five list since 2020 and T-Mobile edging out Nintendo.

The case of T-Mobile is interesting, as its top mentions are around its previous year association with the #ClearTheList effort that supports teachers obtaining school supplies. Interestingly, it’s unclear if they’re participating this year – and if they aren’t, they may want to reconsider for next year, as there are many teachers – and nurses – eagerly sharing tweets about the effort!


This also speaks to the importance of community involvement as a way to connect with consumers – and this is a lesson that has been driven home during the past couple of years, with increasingly social conscious consumers buying where their values align. But let’s recap previous years to see where things have shifted.

2021 – The Year of Recovery

In 2021, we saw many businesses selling via online storefront and experiencing record sales as online shifted from lifeline to opportunity. In April of 2021, Amazon reported “$108.5 billion in sales in the first three months of the year, up 44 percent from a year earlier. It also posted $8.1 billion in profit, an increase of 220 percent from the same period last year.

We saw lots of technology products dominating 2021 Prime Day sales – and we also see home cooking appliances and fitness apps rating top mentions as well, as captured one Prime Day last year.


2020 – Technology Takeover

In 2020, Prime Days were delayed until October due to COVID. No one was in the mood for a spending spree in July of 2020, so this was wise planning on Amazon’s part. Also, its positioning was on-point.

Not only did it frame the event as “just in time for the holidays,” but also took extra care to highlight cost savings, as well as its commitment to promoting small businesses. This all contributed to its amazing growth amidst such stunning losses experienced by other retailers during this unexpected year. And it helped turn around sentiment shared in the previous year. As we can see, Net Sentiment increased from 21% to 58% and there’s lots of appreciation for the ecommerce giant. Saving the day seems to have that effect!


2019 – Parents Loved Pampers

And then in July of 2019, Amazon Prime surpassed both Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales combined. The excitement over sales was palpable, with parents posting about a variety of Pampers offers, including one supporting the March of Dimes with every sale.

But even though sales for items soared, sentiment was pretty low, with people complaining about our over commercialized life and vowing to “not buy” anything this Prime Day. Apparently, many shoppers didn’t get the memo though, as Amazon still did very well with sales.


As the online go-to for most things, Amazon has locked in Prime Day as something consumers look forward to for sales. It will be interesting to see if it unseats holiday shopping in coming years, actually! And even if it doesn’t, Prime Day events are certainly a thing for brands to prepare for each year. Key to that planning is the consumer, influencer, and media intelligence combo that AI-powered analytics offers.

Be sure to reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how to plan ahead for next year’s Prime Days, as well as pending back to school and holiday promotions, where the brands with the best consumer understanding will win!


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