Any holiday attracts a slew of brand promotions, and Valentines’ Day is typically a top contender. But times are a-changing, with new generations finding alternative ways to celebrate and smash outdated traditions. But don’t worry, we’re seeing Amazon Dating and other genius love day promos capturing these fickle consumers’ hearts with savvy social listening. And your brand can too!

Valentines’ Day Hasn’t Changed, But Consumers Have

With increasingly loud online grumblings around the ills of consumerism, following on the heels of the Christmas holiday is tough gig for any present-requiring event – even Valentine’s Day.

And capturing top conversational clusters in Quid, we can see that consumers aren’t living up to that ‘go big or go home’ gift giving extravaganza that brands seek to inspire. Top stories are around “free printable emoji valentines” and “Dollar Tree” and other DIY type ideas. It’s not exactly diamonds and chocolate.

top clusters capturing Valentines Day conversation

For the most part, actually, the day has become a parody of itself. And two savvy entrepreneurs took note of this and created Amazon Dating:

It looks and smells like Amazon, only instead of delivering search results for Alexa-enabled microwaves, its homepage is populated with photos of “hot singles near me.” With customizable specs in true Amazon fashion — including such physical and emotional characteristics as height and love language — each listed profile can be tailored and then Added To Cart in the expedient way of Amazon Prime.

Cookie Monster on Amazon Dating parody site

It’s a clever idea and many love it. But the day itself brings out bad attitudes around anything associated with it for many.

Net sentiment expressed around Amazon Dating site parody

When you find consumers debating the “dystopian future” that a given day is leading the world toward, it might be a one to reconsider promoting. And this is particularly true when there’s an alternative day that your target audiences (millennials) seems to love – Galentines!

Galentines Love – And Palentines Too!

Galentines Day started 10 years ago after an episode of Parks & Recreation, when character Leslie Knope hosted the first ladies only, February 13th celebration. Since then, it has grown. And has become a special day to many ladies, whether they’re in a relationship or not. It’s kind of the anti-Valentines’ Day, said to promote a more welcoming vibe.

And in stark contrast to the mainstream holiday, the number of negative comments about its much less serious sister, Galentines, consists of little more than complaints by some angry guy named Gary:

large percentage of positive sentiment around Galentines Day

And Gary probably just didn’t realize there was a day for the ‘non-gals’ among us as well – Palentines.

Popular posts about Palentines and Singles Awareness Day

Because, for the most part – Galentines/Palentines/Singles Awareness Day captures an enviable amount of love, comparatively:

Word Cloud showing sentiment around Galentines, Palentines and Singles Awareness DaySo brands can stick with Valentine’s Day advertising – the numbers are on their side . . . at least for now. But the behaviors, although much smaller in scope, are trending toward greater participation during Galentines. And really, there’s no reason to not devote some budget toward capturing both crowds:

Valentines Day attributes compared to Galentines Day

When a significant part of the conversation is around “not going” and “not wanting” anything to do with the day, having an increasingly viral contender to turn to is wise. So, even if it’s just from a forward planning standpoint, brands need to watch the love closely on this one- and be ready to capture this new Gal/Pal audience. Many already are . . . 

Brands Getting in on Galentines

Quite a few brands have already hopped on this day full of potential and are making the most of it.

But the events are where most brands are really cleaning up.

Dating app, Bumble, partnered with Mars Wrigley to create a day of empowerment, complete with treats and manicures. And it was free. Talk about amazing promotional potential there:

Bumble and Mars Wrigley partnered for Galentines Day event

And there were tickets to Galentines, Palentines and Singles Awareness Day events all over the U.S. on February 12th and 13th actually. From intimate dinner parties to irreverent “don’t be bitter” liqueur tasting:

Singles Awareness Day event

Which is precisely why Amazon Dating resonates with so many. And why “since the time of launch, they have received over 10,000 applications to be featured on the site, which they’ll continue to update with new profiles in small batches.” That might be a site to watch as well, as it’s apparenlty attracting quite a following. And Galentines is sure to continue to grow. It will be interesting to see by how much next year!

Did your brand miss out on the Galentines Day consumers love this year? Social listening keeps brands apprised of trending conversations around every holiday, you know. Let’s hope you don’t miss out on the next one! Better yet, guarantee you don’t by getting your social analytics in order. Reach out and we’ll show you how.

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