AI Studio Offering Automated Theme Discovery to Everyone!

Carol Feigenbaum |
 10/14/19 |
3 min read

AI Studio Offering Automated Theme Discovery to EveryoneYou’ve undoubtedly heard about AI Studio and have been eagerly awaiting its release. But in case you haven’t, you may not realize how huge this news is. And AI Studio offering automated theme discovery to everyone is a game changer. Truly. And it’s just the first step.

You already know that AI is super important

You already know that AI is super important, but next generation artificial intelligence (AI) is what you’ll find powering the social analytics of industry-leading brands. Aggregating and analyzing billions of pieces of social web data, including social media posts, blogs, forums, review sites, images, emojis, sarcasm and so much more is impossible for brands to accomplish on their own in any meaningful way. Not unless they’re using a powerful analytics tool to do the heavy lifting.

And merely capturing the data is far from good enough. And neither is attempting to base important, strategic positioning on surface insights that bubble up. These lack the context driving consumer sentiment.

NetBase’s Next Generation AI offers a highly contextualized understanding of consumers in every space, and at every stage of the consumer journey. We provide transparent, auditable results to confirm our data’s accuracy.

Only NetBase delivers this fully interactive and transparent experience, with complete visibility into the conversations, so you can have 100% confidence in the data.

And AI Studio enhances all of that! It’s pretty amazing. Hear from some of our early adopter customers:

“I’m excited about how AI Studio will enhance our industry and category research capabilities, enabling us to quickly and easily identify conversation threads we may not have otherwise uncovered.” – Nina Spezzaferro, Vice President, Digital Strategy at Rubenstein

“I loved how intuitive AI Studio felt. It has a modern experience to finding insights on topics you are looking to dive into. The addition of having the option to create themes from the findings will be a definite source of reduced workload” – Social Media Customer Care Manager at Nutrisystem

AI Studio for the Win

This is the industry’s only artificial intelligence analysis framework able to deliver meaningful real-time insights in seconds, and without the need for manual, use-directed machine learning systems. Far from it, in fact:

  • NetBase’s AI model is pretrained on billions of documents. It goes beyond term-grouping and word clouds to link semantically similar terms such as “sustainability” and “environmentally-friendly.”
  • AI Studio’s Theme Discovery automatically discovers themes from millions of data points emerging from topic conversations. It is not limited to just a handful of user selected training samples.
  • NetBase’s Next Generation AI automatically surfaces the insights you need without all of the manual effort. We’ve eliminated the time and effort brands must devote to manually train and retrain “classifiers” of traditional machine learning systems.
  • NetBase’s unsupervised theme discovery finds both the themes you know and, more importantly, those you don’t. This is possible because we’ve eliminated the “analyst bias” of user selected training data.
  • And only NetBase delivers a fully integrated suite of analytics solutions to support the entire enterprise from analyst to non-analysts. This improves efficiency and scales with your organization, and with less headcount.

NetBase has blown past the standard industry Old AI, with our New AI. Check it out:

Old AI vs New AI with theme discovery

But theme discovery is really just the beginning . . .

Theme Discovery, the First of Many AI Studio Innovations

Theme Discovery is really just the first of many first-to-market AI advances you’ll be hearing about from us. We have lots going on, but that shouldn’t surprise regular readers, nor our clients, as we push out product updates every three weeks to keep our solution in complete compliance with every T&C social platforms require.

AI Theme Discovery can run on any topic or saved analysis to rapidly discover emerging themes from conversations around your brand or category, powering every strategic need.

NetBase leaders explain Next Generation AI for social media analytics

To say that AI Studio will be your brand or agency’s new, super intelligent best friend and daily ‘go to’ for inspiration, ideation and everything in between, would be underselling it.

With it, a brand will have full visibility into all of its audience conversations, and will connect with every member of its audience. Effortless theme discovery, powered by millions of data points emerging from topic conversations is a beautiful thing – and amazingly intuitive. And getting smarter all the time.

Be sure to reach out for a demo of this powerful brand resource – we’re so excited to share it with you! And watch for more advances coming soon!

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