When Tech Talks Tough, But Can't Follow Through

Not all analytics technology incorporates the very latest capabilities, but that doesn’t stop them from talking the walk. What’s really going on behind that scenes when it comes to the very latest – and amazing – artificial intelligence available to brands? We have that for you, as well as criteria that will help you sort out when AI tech is talking tough, but can’t follow through!

There’s Such a Thing as “Old AI”

There’s next generation AI (which we’ll detail here shortly) and there’s its predecessor – what’s most aptly described as “Old AI.” Though don’t let the nomenclature fool you, as Old AI is alive and well in many social analytics tools you’ll encounter! And it’s sold touting features which go well beyond what those tools can comfortably provide.

Here’s why it happens: We’re living in a time where artificial intelligence is a common word, for sure, but understanding what AI means exactly is where things get a little fuzzy. And when it’s wrapped in “smart” packaging, with a bow on top, its expensive exterior is easily mistaken for something advanced. Something next generation. Something transparent. But make no mistake, it is not.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two to guide you:

old AI vs new AI

And we’ll elaborate on each a bit more below.

How to Spot Old AI

When exploring social analytics tools to use for your business, it’s important that you’re asking the right questions. The savvy brands out there use next generation AI-powered social analytics to inform long-term strategy and key decisions that touch every part of the business, and every stage of the customer journey. This AI offers insight for everything from ideation to supply chain considerations and beyond.

And day-to-day, these leading brands are using it for marketing campaigns, customer care, brand health, crisis management, influencer identification and collaborations. Brands use it to derive actionable insight out of every bit of structured and unstructured data they can capture (and this is a lot of data in NetBase), as they know it all relates to the consumers’ overall experience. They’re harnessing and aggregating social web data that includes (but is not limited to), social media channels, reviews, news sites, forums and blogs, as well as proprietary data -and analyzing all of it.

NetBase analyzing all the insight with AI

So, if the insight is off, so are these efforts – and that’s an expensive lesson for any brand.

Transparent AI Matters

Here are the questions to ask, to ensure you’re getting the advanced AI you’re paying for. And be sure to compare them against what we offer, or you won’t have a best-in-class standard to compare against and risk be fooled:

  • How transparent is your insight? Please demonstrate it in your tool for me.
  • Can I click through to see the posts informing this insight? Again – let’s see it!
  • How accurate is your insight? How accurate is it when compared to NetBase? How so?
  • What are your data sources? And does that form a robust data capture, in your opinion?
  • How difficult is it to integrate my propriety insight with your tool?
  • How often is your platform updated with new backend advances?
  • Does your AI require manual training?
  • Tell me about your deep learning and expert systems capabilities, and how they work in conjunction with your AI’s machine learning.
  • Are your image analytics next generation too? Being able to recognize logos is super important.
  • Talk to me about your Instagram and Facebook access – and Instagram’s latest API update. Were your customers immediately transitioned, or did they experience downtime as you got up to speed?
  • Do you have special, “preferred” access to Instagram and/or other channels? (Beware: This access does not exist, and any tool claiming otherwise should be immediately ruled out for being shady!)
  • Is your customer care available via phone or how do I reach them after the sale?

Final word: Looks alone are irrelevant. You can paint a rock with shimmery glitter and call it a “good vibes glitter orb,” but it’s still a rock underneath it all. The same goes for Old AI. Don’t let that smart packaging distract you from the Old AI underneath.

glittery rock

But enough about this old stuff, hmm? Let’s move on to the exciting, next level, brand-guiding and category-defining next generation AI!

Next Generation AI for the Win

While other tools offer machine learning, that is not the droid you’re looking for. At NetBase, we offer machine learning combined with expert systems and deep learning. 

Not only that, there are now automated themes that help brands confidently make predictions around where a topic, audience sentiment or entire category is headed! Watch:

next generation AI

To sum up, it’s pre-trained on billions of documents and takes brands beyond term-grouping and word clouds to link semantically similar terms such as “sustainability” and “environmentally-friendly” and discover themes you know and those you don’t.

AI Studio’s Theme Discovery automatically discovers themes from millions of data points emerging from topic conversations. It is not limited to just a handful of user selected training samples. So, no manual effort – no need to manually train and retain your AI with classifiers. That’s huge.

AI Studio Takes Brands into the Future

AI Studio offers predictive capabilities that brands have been asking for – and that they now need when it comes to staying ahead of equally social media savvy competitors.

This first-to-market solution removes user bias and gives your results an additional layer of accuracy – and confidence. You can be certain that what AI Studio found was not flavored by any preconceived notions about where a market is headed, as its basing results on billions of documents, not 15 or 30 user-selected “examples.” Imagine? Yikes.

AI studio in action

This is where it all really comes together and makes sense – all three pieces we’ve been proudly updating and sharing with clients to keep them ahead of the competition: machine learning, expert systems and deep learning come together to create something truly transformative.

Be sure to reach out for a demo, as it’s even more impressive to see in action, in a vertical you’re familiar with. And we love showing off what it can do – particularly as this is just the beginning. So much more is headed your way!


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