AI Series: Artificial Intelligence Analytics 101

Kimberly Surico |
 02/13/19 |
4 min read

Technology is all about making our lives and jobs easier – and social analytics software certainly does that for brands. At least, it does when it contains state-of-the-art components – like Next Generation AI. Here’s more about AI analytics and what to look for in AI-boosted social analytics tools.

Accuracy and Transparency Are Priceless

When competition is fierce – and it always is – there’s no margin for error. Your analytics must be reliably accurate, or how can you trust any strategy based on them?

In social analytics, language is the backbone of your data. If Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the engine driving the bus, AI is the gas powering that engine. A combination of AI processes – expert systems, machine learning, and deep learning – allows for a comprehensive understanding of social language and sentiment that includes:

  • Every object in a sentence with entity level sentiment analysis
  • Social consumer perceptions and opinions
  • Changes in social consumer attitudes and preferences
  • The “why” behind consumers’ emotions, preference, and behaviors

This is far more than simple “positive or negative” analysis. This is about surfacing robust data you can track down to the individual post level – for a level of transparency not all social analytics tools offer. With an accuracy rate that is 2X more accurate than our closest competitors.

It’s something agencies like Rubenstein value as they assess social data to inform client strategy.

“When we’re making decisions about whether or not to respond to something, or how to respond to something, we want to have data that supports those decisions.” – Nina Spezzaferro (VP Digital Strategy, Rubenstein)

You Need Fast Insights for Fast Decision-Making

Accuracy is irrelevant if the data doesn’t get to you in time. The “speed of social” has raised the bar for data analysis, which must happen in real-time. If you have to do a lot of manual fine-tuning, you lose that advantage. There is where artificial intelligence shines.

Next Gen AI does the heavy lifting – without sampling – so you have immediate access to insights, and can make immediate decisions. It’s technology you need, frankly, but not all social analytics platforms are equipped to process large data sets or complex queries. This should be a deal-breaker.

Here’s why you need the power of AI behind your social analytics:

  • To accurately analyze millions of conversations at the push of a button
  • To recognize patterns in human emotions, behaviors and sentiment drivers
  • To reveal trending conversations and issues
  • To analyze by domain, gender, influencer, geo-location, and more

Doing this manually is no longer an option, and uncovering the nuances that allow you to interact authentically – in the way consumers expect brands to interact – requires complex and comprehensive AI technology to pull off.

But the benefits are a no-brainer. At least, they are for brands like Taco Bell – who use tools like geo-fencing to clarify global campaign approaches.

“The data I get from NetBase is invaluable in that it gives me insight into what our customers care about before we even launch a new market… [We] always uncover this amazing data that our competition can’t really follow.” – Billy Grenham  (Global Dir, Marketing & Communications, Taco Bell)

Things You Can’t Give Up

It’s important to remember that embracing new technology shouldn’t mean losing control of your data. Insights shouldn’t be so mysterious that you can’t understand what’s behind them.

You also must be able to decide how you want your data delivered – optimized by use case, for example – and be able to make this happen without continuous manual classification and training/re-training.

That’s how sample-based AI systems work – and you don’t have to settle for them. Out-of-the-box insights are available – so insist on them.

As much as AI isn’t about relinquishing control, it’s also not about eliminating the human touch. Your audience is still looking for authenticity and personalization.

AI isn’t about farming out your engagement – it’s about lightening the workload, speeding things up, and ensuring accuracy as you find the insights to inspire your approach to engagement, product development, and your entire customer experience.

So don’t let the technology overwhelm you just because it’s new. It’s actually been around longer than you may realize, and it’s advancing rapidly. Jump in now and your brand and analytics will grow as AI technology does – leaving less savvy competitors far behind.

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