Transforming Twitter Analytics into Actionable Insight
Kimberly Surico |
 05/06/19 |
3 min read

With nearly 6000 tweets hitting social every second – that’s 500 million per day – you better believe time counts on Twitter. Can your social analytics tools keep up? Here’s why they need to.

Twitter Isn’t Dead

First things first: With social networks like Instagram exploding and getting so much attention, it’s easy to think Twitter is less relevant – but that’s hardly the case.

In the U.S., 40 percent of those 18 to 29 years of age use Twitter. This puts Twitter in third place behind Facebook and Instagram for this age group – that’s certainly relevant. Also of note, according to Twitter, 80 percent of its users are “affluent millennials.” That’s an audience worth reaching.

So how do you reach your audience, and how can you use insights coming from Twitter to power your brand’s efforts? Here’s how!

Talk to People

This might sound obvious, but you’d be amazed at how many brands simply don’t engage their fans – or they negate the effort by doing it badly.

Take advantage of tools like AI-supported analytics to understand the conversations your audience is having, and then get in there! You don’t have to wait until you’re running a marketing campaign – in fact, you shouldn’t. Consumers are much more likely to fall in love with your brand for the social personality you present than your ads.

Need an example? Follow Best Buy on Twitter and marvel at the way they respond to pretty much everything, keeping the conversation going by making it about the other person.

Want a bigger incentive?  Brand replies to a tweet leave 77 percent of Twitter users feeling more positive about that brand.

Take Care of Customer Issues

Building the positivity above can only help when things go wrong. From time to time it happens to all brands – and when it does, Twitter users aren’t afraid to share.

Because of this, customer service complaints are no longer a conversation between customer and brand – they’re between disgruntled customers and the whole world. If you want to salvage consumer opinions, you’ve got to know quickly about such complaints and manage them – just as publicly.

This isn’t just because you want to avoid complaints going viral as other complainants chime in and fans the flames – though of course that’s worth avoiding. It’s also crucial because if you’re not quick enough to respond, a competitor just might. And they’ll be the hero – and new brand – of your former customer.

Even if they don’t, the person complaining knows they have other options.

Really not good when you see that blue check-mark…

Using the social monitoring alerts built in to AI analytics tools will keep you in the immediate know every time there’s a hint of a problem.

Beat Competitors to the Punch

Speaking of competitors, along with being the one to swoop in and rescue their dissatisfied customers, you can use Twitter insights to best them in other ways.

Using social listening and sentiment analysis to assess the wishes, desires, and pain points they share presents opportunities to deliver new products and services your competitors aren’t fast enough to provide.

And you can take things even further – as Visa did – by analyzing Twitter bio data to understand how your target audiences self-identify, and what they care about. Doing this helped Visa discover what SMB owners wanted most from them.

Using best-in-class AI analytics gets you the most accurate insights in real-time, so you know your efforts will hit the mark.

Be One of the Cool Kids

Twitter is a fast-moving place – and if you’re not first to the party, you might miss all the fun.

Following sentiment and conversations during events like the Billboard Music Awards gives you a chance to be part of breaking trends

That’s not just true when a trend takes off and you miss the opportunity to engage – it’s true at every level as savvier brands and disruptors set the pace.

If you want to lead instead of follow, you need to be sure your insights are fast enough to put you out front. With Next Generation AI powering your social analytics tools, you’ll never miss a tweet.

Ready to see a demo of our AI Analytics tools on Twitter and other social channels? Get in touch and we’ll show you!


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