Agencies Winning Business with Intelligence Connector
Michael Seymour |
 11/11/21 |
4 min read

Agencies need to stand out to their clients, because – much like every other consumer these days – brands are equally fickle and will go with whomever helps them win. Here’s how to prove your agency is right for the job – and win business with Intelligence Connector!

The struggle to win business is real, with many agencies not making it past the initial pitch phase because brands have a lot at stake. They need nimble partners who can offer real-time access to insight that easy to manipulate. Brands want the ability to dig in and perform their own analyses, even if they never use this option. And they want to see all of their relevant insight captured in one dashboard for a holistic overview of their market, competitors and consumers – with clear indicators to guide that next big idea or campaign. And they’d also like to fold in their site analytics. It’s a big ask. But it’s also incredibly workable.

The trouble is precisely that – for many agencies, making their offering stand out as “best in class” memorable is a challenge, as they’re faced with a sea of agencies that claim to offer similar services. And this all hinges on the access options the agency has at its disposal.

Understanding Access Options

When capturing insight from multiple structured and unstructured datasets, connecting via API is a great option. But agencies can find themselves battling rate limits that could muck up the “real-time” nature of their results. And sometimes this could take a week to update, depending on the channel in question.

There are also static reports available – that many agencies create to show clients a point in time snapshot. But, as noted, the intel is restricted to a point in time and ages quickly in our ‘must have up-to-the-moment intel’ world!

And then live reports are incredible too, but they do not check that “unique to your agency” box, as it involves guided access to an analytics tool. Where is your agencies “value add” in that? The worse part here is that it does nothing to represent nor differentiate your brand. It’s a static report that’s “live” basically. A competing agency with a lower price point could steal your thunder. And this also doesn’t neatly track all of the metrics you know are crucial – and there’s no way to have it all in one place, so it becomes a logistical nightmare for clients, with too many links to too many disparate options.

So, this is where white label reporting is game changing. It allows an agency to personalize its offering enough to showcase their unique intelligence-gathering capabilities. And to offer insight they know the client will not see anywhere else – not in the way they’ll offer it up, at least!

BI Conector

Using your BI or reporting infrastructure of choice – this could be DOMO, Tableau, or something custom built, leading agencies are creating custom options for clients and winning lots of work! By using your infrastructure, you can tweak it to match your client needs (i.e. metrics that interest them) and match your brand. It’s pretty incredible, and it’s certainly a differentiator for agencies. Let’s see a couple of examples in action . . .

Intelligence Connector in Action

Here is how the Intelligence Connector helped two agencies impress important organizations and stay on top of their analytics game!

Use Case: Agency Identifies and Tracks KOLs

Our client, a large measurement and analytics agency works with life sciences clients and makes recommendations for allies and partners that these life sciences firms should engage with. The agency ran into problems with traditional methods of tracking key opinion leaders (KOLs) as these manual methods just weren’t fast enough. As a result, partnerships opportunities for their clients were revealed too slowly and potential synergies were missed. Sifting and ranking various KOLs and then tracking them over time was very time-consuming, and the results were quickly out of date.

Using the Intelligence Connector, the agency was able to automate the sifting and ranking analyses of KOLs, and also the process of tracking them over time. This saved the agency and their clients. thousands of hours, and improved client satisfaction. They could now identify the most impactful KOL to sway public opinion, mitigate risks, help change policies and attract media coverage. They went above and beyond with their clients, and solidified their standing in the category as “the” agency to work with!

Agency Dashboard white labeled

Use Case: In-house Agency Streamlines Client Reporting

Another client, a large in-house events agency, tracked strategic initiatives using a manual process to build reports. Again, this required extensive analyst time and the reports were quickly out of date.

The events agency switched to the Intelligence Connector and was able to automate complex reporting on strategic initiatives. This included the automated creation of reports, which kept reports insight up to date and actionable. And, in this case, the Intelligence connector saved the firm 20+ hours each week in the report creation process – one that was less than impactful to begin with.

They replaced outdated reporting with something that is now a valuable intelligence capture – one that leadership relies on to monitor the health of strategic initiatives, in fact. And you can be certain the decisions they’re helping their business units make around events have leveled up, as has this in-house agency’s overall value to the areas it serves. That’s job security in uncertain times, for sure!

Intelligence Connector enables the capture and analysis of real-time, relevant data – and places your agency’s name front and center on it. The personalization is all you, after all – you deserve the credit. And your clients deserve the best you can offer.

Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how you can do precisely that!

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