How Agencies Win Clients Using Social Listening

There are so many businesses out there that are in need of agencies with social listening expertise. And agencies ‘in the know,’ who are able to guide businesses over this digital terrain, are in high demand.

That doesn’t mean the environment isn’t competitive though. Top agencies are staffed with social listening experts. Here’s what they’re offering (and what your agency needs to offer as well) in the quest to reach the top and win the business . . .

Trendspotting Powered by Next Generation Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Let’s imagine you were working on a pickle juice pitch for a food distributor wanting to sell pickles. You’d be interested in the overarching conversations. Your agency competitors would be as well.

So, outside of an analytics tool, you’d examine online mentions and posts. And you’d see what people were posting about in general about that brand, category and any related topics that were of interest.

It would take a bit of time though. As tallying intel from each social channel, along with relevant comment data, is labor intensive. And then add time for analyzing each indicator in isolation to see what stories you could come up with for your presentation deck.

In NetBase, you’d immediately flesh out much of that basic narrative automatically. You would capture Mentions, Posts, Potential Impressions and Net Sentiment (a measure of love from -100 to 100):

Social listening overall metrics for agency pickle juice pitch

And you’d also see Top Terms by sentiment, as well as Top Emotions. Even better? It would all come with the ability for further, clickable and easy-to-navigate exploration.

Top Terms by sentiment, as well as Top Emotions that agencies uncover with social listening


This would leave you free to dig in to this brand and category insight in ways that would really differentiate your agency’s offering.

Devoting time to understanding what is driving sentiment behind the trends is super important. You can explore Attributes, Emotions, Behaviors and so much more:

Agencies exploring sentiment drivers, including Attributes, Emotions, Behaviors as part of social listening activities

And then there’s the ability to drill down to specifics. Agencies can see precisely which posts are informing an item’s inclusion in any of the word clouds. This is amazingly informative too.

Some of these words and phrases will likely reveal a novel idea worth exploring as you craft your potential pickle juice client pitch:

Reddit post expressing love of pickle juice for breakfast

And in NetBase, you’d be able to identify themes that emerge beyond what we explored above, thanks to artificial intelligence capabilities. More specifically, thanks to AI Studio:

AI Studio Automated Theme Discovery

Capturing conversation themes is AI studio

It’s the first of its kind, offering brands and the agencies that love them, the ability to perform real-time discovery, with no user training, to deliver insights that drive ideation and innovation. A tool that automates even more of the work for you.

It uses its advanced next generation AI capabilities to the (currently) full potential, rapidly aggregating and analyzing terabytes of structured and unstructured data.

Agencies that have mastered the latest in AI analytics always have a leg up on competitors. Always.

Exceptional Audience & Channel Understanding with Social Listening

Who is the brand talking to? They may think they know, but you can help flip that understanding rightside up, or at least expand it a bit thanks to social listening.

Agencies helping brands better understand influencers with social listening

And where are they talking?

Agencies uncovering Trending Source Types for potential clients using social listening

Regardless of the channel a brand’s audience is on, savvy agencies are all over it. They understand how interaction typically looks there and know how to engage there. This is because agencies are in their social listening tool daily and have become channel experts.

How can you get on their level?

Establishing an overarching baseline for interactions around current industry topics is helpful. And then watch how the conversation shifts (or doesn’t) over a matter of days. Explore the reasons behind the change. And look to the new voices adding to an existing sentiment. It will help you understand both the audience and typical interaction by channel. Agencies skilled at the art of social listening know that certain channels will be more popular than others, depending on the segment/topic.

Look to Twitter for complaints and/or kudos; Tumblr for in-depth entries; Instagram for lots of branded content/reactions to it; Facebook for communities; Reddit for harsh truths; YouTube for lengthy reviews and so on.

But toss all of that in the air and see how it lands if you have a confounding variable at play – and those are the rule online. And only social analytics can capture all of the data as it falls and have it make sense once it lands – every time.

Converged Media Mastery

Savvy brands aren’t interested in the number of likes or retweets they get – not the surface insight it offers, rather.  And even “reach” – the startling stats that offers a brand staggering “potential impressions” for its efforts – even those aren’t interesting when standing alone.

No, savvy brands are not impressed, because they know there’s lots of valuable data points available behind the social listening  scenes. Data that’s powering those numbers. And one way they get at that data is by exploring Converged Media metrics.

Converged Media offers powerful ROI metrics for any agency or brand seeking to share the sum of its social listening efforts

With Converged Media, agencies offer brands the ability to accurately capture online traffic stats. They can see Mentions, Posts, Net Sentiment and Passion generated by their Owned channels and domains versus what their influencers are generating via insight gathered from their channels – the Partnered section. And then Earned is everything else.

Converged Media offers powerful ROI metrics for any agency or brand seeking to share the sum of its social media marketing and social listening efforts.

Agencies That Are in It to Win It

Important note: The basic “follow, like, share” and such stats are interesting to brands that haven’t been told better – and that’s part of a rockstar agency’s job as well!

Going in to a pitch with a presentation that offers social insight around a business’ vertical, in addition to insight around the brand itself and that demonstrates an in-depth understanding of the space sets an agency apart.

Offering surprising audience insight and an educational component, where you share the crucial breakdown between earned, partnered and owned media makes you their top choice. Hands-down. Advanced social analytics capabilities are that much of a game changer for brands. Who knew? We did! But you should ask around!

Surmounting whatever learning curve your agency faces when pitching a brand is twenty times faster (and all around more awe inspiring) when you have Next Generation-AI powered social analytics on your side. Reach out and we’ll show you how fast you can climb that mountain and become the top contender for any potential client engagement.

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