2019 Guide to Advanced Instagram MarketingInstagram is giving Amazon a run for its ecommerce money and your brand definitely wants to hop on board. The 2019 Guide to Advanced Instagram Marketing offers insight to help you do just that!

The guide offers advanced marketing intel to help your brand:

  • Take advantage of and understand Instagram’s evolving eCommerce offerings
  • Pinpoint the shifting demographics the channel attracts, and how to adapt to it
  • Use Instagram ‘Stories’ functionality to its full potential
    Derive meaningful insight from Instagram analytics
  • Identify authentic Instagram influencers who have evolved along with the platform, and those who have just learned to game it

And we have a preview of it below.

The Amazing Amazon

Amazon has been around for 25 years now, and a household name for at least the past decade. Its merchant partnerships and third-party sellers have propelled the site to attain international renown at the go-to for every need.

And its last-mile delivery subscription service, also a household name, “Prime,” has solidified its standing. Purchases delivered quickly and consistently – and for no extra charge? Sold! Amazon has become the world’s new corner store.

And with moves to take over brick and mortar shops next, Amazon seems to be an unstoppable force.

Then along comes Instagram.

Launched in 2010 and purchased by Facebook in 2012, Instagram’s ascent has been a rapid one. In the past few years, it has exploded on to the ecommerce scene. After successfully dominating all things social, the image-first app is now offering shoppers a way to make purchases within three clicks. And they can do this without ever leaving the app.

Instagram’s Simplified Purchase Process

This is significant because the simpler the purchase, the more likely it will be completed. And with an extensive, engaged audience already there, making purchases super simple is a strong indicator of successful conversions. What brands wouldn’t love that?

And these purchases can be made from posts or stories, with ease:

three click shopping - an advanced instagram marketing tactic

As we speak to in the report, if the Facebook-owned app is able to master a Prime competitor, Amazon will have some very real reasons to worry. Not that it doesn’t already:

  • More than 500M people worldwide use Instagram every day 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram
  • 32% of adults that make between $50–$75K use Instagram, as do 42% making over $75K
  • Instagram users are 70% more likely to make mobile purchases

But no need for one to knock the other off of the ecommerce block (nor does that appear to be the goal) as each is on a distinct trajectory. The real story here is Stories – Instagram Stories.

Getting Your Brand’s Story Straight

Instagram’s Story functionality is nothing short of amazing. For something so simple, it offers a stunning array of brand options. As mentioned, Stories allow brands to create interactive sales promotions that entice followers in a number of ways. Not only can they complete a purchase in three clicks, they can also:

  • Save a post to a collection to explore later
  • Share a post with friends via direct message
  • Add a post to their own stories after a purchase to share their excitement (which many do, and is a great promotional bonus for any brand)

saving Instagram items to a collection

And that says nothing of the Stories capability itself. Using it, brands can entice followers to visit and interact with them, and also:

  • Create page highlights that live at the top of the page and are always accessible to visitors
  • Manage user generated content promotions and contests (which can then be turned into highlights)
  • View more specific data about audience, by seeing who interacts with its stories and create separate promotions/messaging for these folks
  • Crosspost items to Facebook to further enhance reach
  • Exclusively share certain items with a select audience, or in stealth mode, to launch a new product or service via highlights
  • And so much more

But there are still many brands that aren’t active on Instagram because they worry they won’t find an audience there. Odds are, they’re mistaken.

The Demographics Have It

If your brand isn’t actively interacting with audiences on Instagram, you’re leaving money on the virtual table. Regardless of category, pretty much every brand can find consumers there – as this chart detailing age brackets of daily users indicates:

chart detailing age brackets of daily Instagram users

Be sure to take these numbers in context, as even 1% of 500M daily users offer a brand a decent-sized audience to vie for. Also key to note – we learned that the group most likely to search out products after seeing Instagram promoted posts is those aged 65 through 74, followed by those aged 45 through 54. So, the key to capturing this demographic on Instagram is understanding which posts to promote.

And social listening helps you do just that. You can sort out:

  • What your target audiences are saying on Instagram and elsewhere online
  • The wants and unmet needs these consumers—and other potential consumers—are sharing
  • And who they’re listening to and interacting with on Instagram (to help you find influencers to partner with and further amplify your brand’s messaging)

Armed with that data, brands create posts, stories and highlights that support campaigns, your next product push or a brand awareness effort. The business tools Instagram offers are just as intuitive as those offered on the end user side, once experienced. So why haven’t you

Download the 2019 Guide to Advanced Instagram Marketing to learn more, and be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to see advanced Instagram tactics and social listening in action!

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