The 2022 Guide to Advanced Instagram Marketing

Instagram is more than just a place to strike a pose – it’s a platform where consumers hang out with their friends, post well-lit photos using filters, come to the aid of equality and strive for social justice. However, they’re also there for the goods and they love Instagram for its shopping capabilities. And we’re going to help you get noticed!

2022 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening Strategy

Your brand can be on consumers’ list of accounts to follow and purchase from, but you’ll need social listening that offers advanced Instagram search capabilities. Our 2022 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening Strategy will help you understand:

  • Why Instagram is such a crucial brand channel
  • How advanced image analytics and AI technology helps brands gather advancedinsights
  • Why authenticity is the most important thing your brand can offer
  • How to capture accurate data you can count on
  • How hashtags and comments impact conversations on Instagram

And much more.

In this article we’ll give you a preview of what you can expect. But first, here’s some Instagram Statistics which can’t be ignored:

Social Listening for Advanced Instagram Search

Instagram isn’t just for scrolling and playing with fun filters – it has become an ecommerce platform to be reckoned with. Seventy-two percent of users say they make purchasing decision based on something they saw on Instagram. And this makes getting your brand in front of their eyes with the right messaging critical. And this is where an advanced Instagram search using social listening can really pay off.

As Instagram grows, so does the competition. You need to be able to capture your audience’s attention the first time. And you can do this by listening in on their everyday conversations.

What do they want from your brand? What do they need? Capturing this intel is critical to knowing if you’re hitting the mark or aiming to broadly. Using NetBase Quid’s social monitoring software, we located these needs, wants and loves of Netflix consumers this past month:


Exploring beneath the surface of these bars can reveal what your consumers wish you would do, or what they love about what you’re already doing:


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Netflix can now use this user generated content (UGC) as something to repost, sharing view excitement, while boosting their campaign and their show’s visibility.

This type of advanced Instagram search could have potentially brought up some negative sentiments as well, and this allows brands to be proactive when dealing with missteps. The quicker you deal with something, the better. Little flames turn into wildfires quickly.

Another great thing about UGC is that it can be used in your Instagram stories! We’ll explore that next.

Advanced Instagram Search Strategies – with Stories

Instagram stories are where people and brands share short format videos or images that disappear in 24 hours, and 58% of users say they’re more interested in a brand after seeing one. Additionally, 46% of marketers already leverage stories and 55% are planning on increasing their investment this year. It’s a valuable addition to any campaign and is a critical element in your marketing strategy.

And here, the sky’s the limit. You can get straight to the point like Americas Test Kitchen, using stories to promote a new show and to find their next chef:


But it doesn’t have to be all product all the time. Instead, get the creative juices flowing and have fun with your audience.

Interacting with them using polls or quizzes, or even one of the many filters Instagram offers, is a great way to get their attention and allow them to see you as human instead of some robotic and faceless entity. Here, Disney’s Food Blog is doing a great job of engaging their audience by asking them what rides they wish were still around. Their fans answered:


There are a million different ways to attract Instagram users by creating content for stories. A few tips from the pros are:

  1. Promote timely news – use an advanced Instagram search to understand what’s important to your audience.
  2. Use question stickers to hear from your audience, engage!
  3. Use Poll stickers to conduct polls to get to know your audience better
  4. Use Instagram Highlights to bolster your brands ethics and values
  5. Use product stickers to promote specific products

Instagram users are 70% more likely to make mobile purchases, which makes getting your stories right using social listening paramount!

Demographics to Inform Your Campaign Every Step of the Way

So, who are your consumers? This question goes beyond their age, ethnicity and gender. Demographics should cover interests, professions and even include competing or peripheral brands that your audience may have in common. You should know that Maria is more than a 40-something mother. She is made up of interests and passions. Detailed demographics should and can answer:

  • What your target audiences are saying on Instagram and elsewhere online
  • The wants and unmet needs consumers—and other potential consumers—are sharing online
  • What your audience values
  • Who your consumers are listening to and interacting with on Instagram (this could aid in finding influencers to partner with to further amplify your brand’s messaging

An advanced Instagram search can help you uncover and define these elements to better target consumers. Social analytics tools quickly narrow down what to talk about in your next story, or post.

Below, we see a list of interests for Starbucks. Right away, Music and Family jump out. But the smaller bubbles can also be used to target niche audiences.


And, any public social listening you do for yourself, can be done on your competition. All is fair in love and marketing, as they say. Okay, no one said that. But a little competitive spying keeps your brand acquainted with strategies your competitors are using with success. This way you can follow in their footsteps. But it also enlightens you to their faux pas, steering you around the pothole to safety and offering you an edge in the race.

There is so much more an advanced Instagram search can do for you, and you can find many more of those helpful tips in the 2022 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening. It expands on what we talked about here, but with the addition of influencer marketing, understanding the changes to Instagram’s API, the unique purchase funnel intricacies of Instagram, sentiment monitoring and lots more! And be sure to contact us if you have any questions or want to see advanced Instagram tactics and social listening in action!

2022 Complete Guide to Instagram Listening Strategy

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