to-do-listWe know—Monday mornings are already busy, so you may be thinking you don’t want to add yet another item. After all, the list in this article of recommended tasks is already long enough: “15 Things Successful People Do on Monday Morning.” It’s got good suggestions—some of them common sense, others more insightful—but it occurs to us that there’s a glaring omission.

Our addition is both essential and quick, and can help you prioritize other tasks. It’s checking your brand health in social. Two days may have passed since you last took the pulse of your brand, and given how fast things can change in the social conversation, checking in first thing Monday morning should be high on your list.

So in addition to “adding a ‘blanket of humanity’ to your emails,” “screening emails for urgent requests,” and “saying no,” you can “check your brand health” and get instant visibility into the social movement of your brands, campaigns and competitors. Even if you’re on the go, you should be able to view real-time data on your tablet, laptop or smart phone, so you can react, adapt and gain insight faster—and get things headed in the right direction first thing Monday morning.

For a fast, simple and accurate way to check in on your company’s brand health, check out LIVE Pulse for Brand™ from NetBase.

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