Announcing the Biggest Ad Winners of Super Bowl LVI®

We’re excited to share the top performing commercials that aired during Super Bowl LVI®, the hottest event of the year for advertisers. The data looked into the regions and demographics from the total of 7.6M social media posts and 453B impressions from the big game. Let’s check it out!

The top five winners from this year’s Super Bowl commercials with the highest positive sentiment included:

1. Marvel’s Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness Trailer Spot

This ad that everyone was waiting for won 941,450 Mentions and 70% Positive Sentiment, with Top Terms including Best, Excite and Good

2. Samsung/Suga from BTS (didn’t air and still won a top spot!)

It had 627,000 Mentions; with 98% Positive Sentiment; and, Top Terms included Share Powerful Message, Proud and #1

3. McDonalds and Kanye

It captured 139,100 Mentions; and 71% Positive Sentiment; with Top Terms including Not Believe, Laughing with tears emoji, and @kanyewest

4. Squarespace and Zendaya

This online favorite won 68,650 Mentions; and 93% Positive Sentiment, including Top Terms that showed the love including Favorite Celebrity, So Stunning and Praying hands emoji

5. Expedia and Ewan McGregor

And last but certainly not least, we see 40,600 Mentions; with 84% Positive Sentiment and Top Terms of Ewan, Great Ad, and Trainspotting Homage

This year’s top and lowest performing ads fell into noticeable trends reflected from NetBase Quid’s data.

Winners tap into current consumer and social trends

Superhero fatigue clearly hasn’t hit consumers yet, with Marvel’s trailers for the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel and Disney+ series Moon Knight helping the brand to the top of the Super Bowl advertisers list in terms of mentions.

K-Pop continues to drive online conversations, and while Samsung’s spot with BTS member Suga didn’t air as fans were expecting prior to the game, it still had a strong showing on social media, beating out McDonalds, Expedia and even Salesforce in social engagement.

Hashtag bonanza

At the game’s end, the pure volume winner was Marvel by a mile, with  #doctorstrange registering over 308k mentions during the game’s telecast.

It was followed by #multiverseofmadness with over 101k mentions and #scarletwitch with nearly 82k mentions – both hashtags related to the release of their upcoming Doctor Strange sequel.

“The Super Bowl is a cultural phenomenon not only in the sports world, but also in the advertising world,” said Paige Leidig, Chief Marketing Officer, NetBase Quid. “Every year brands vie for consumer attention and purchasing power in just a minute or less. This year’s top winning brands not only had great commercials, but they also tapped into the most recent consumer trends to influence viewers.”

The highest percentage of social media conversations came from the United States with 2.4M posts, and 36M households – or 1 in 4 US homes – tuned in to the game.To capture this insight, NetBase Quid analyzed global conversations throughout the entirety of the Super Bowl. Want to learn more? Reach out for a demo and we can show these stunning stats and more in action!

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