Over the last couple weeks, I have been doing lots of research for an upcoming article on the glass ceiling and how it applies to the balance between work and home life for modern women. Much of what I found was quite encouraging, but the April 6th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker, on Brittney Griner potentially playing in the NBA, showed me that even at 6’8” you can still hit your head and not break the glass above.   41% of Facebook and Twitter users are supportive of a woman joining the NBA, while 55% are, rather forcefully, against it and 4% cracked jokes. I was shocked to see so many people against it – to me, talent is talent, regardless of gender. I did some extra analysis myself, and found that the demographic breakdown of the conversation was 21% female, and 79% male. Maybe that’s the problem… check out some soundbites from each side of the conversation below:

RT @RealTalkRuben: Would love to see Brittney Griner get a shot with the NBA.  A chance at least.  If she makes it, awesome.  If not, oh well. (from a male)

You men are so disrespectful with these Brittney Griner tweets…  Crazy how men start to act stupid when a woman shows shes just as good! (from a female)

This Brittney Griner to the NBA talk is absurd and has to stop.   #bereal #stopit (from a male)

Why the hell ESPN talking about Brittney Griner going to the NBA.  What a joke. (from a male)

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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