As part of my continued election coverage I live analyzed the latest Republican debate broadcast on CNBC.  Ted Cruz emerged as the leader from this latest debate in terms of mentions, surpassing both Ben Carson and Donald Trump (4 pm PDT to 7:30 pm PDT).


Number of Mentions During the Debate:

  • Ted Cruz: 128,214
  • Donald Trump: 119,204
  • Marco Rubio: 75,811
  • Ben Carson: 61,731
  • Jeb Bush: 53,706
  • Carly Fiorina: 43,158
  • Chris Christie: 35,505
  • Rand Paul: 34,029
  • John Kasich: 28,020
  • Mike Huckabee 8,671

When comparing sentiment in the 24 hours leading up to the debate with average sentiment over the course of the debate, the biggest winner of the night in terms of improvement in net sentiment was Rand Paul, who gained 31 points.  Another big winner was Ted Cruz, who also gained big both in net sentiment and mentions overall. The biggest loser of the evening was John Kasich, who didn’t gain any Net Sentiment.

Donald Trump came out as the winner with not only by far the most mentions, but also as the top trending topic and hashtag associated with the debate.

Top Hashtags During the Debate:

  • #trump2016 – 7,521 (USA For Donald John Trump)
  • #standwithrand – 6,494
  • #wakeupamerica – 6,447
  • #gop – 2,497
  • #cruzcrew – 2,493

Top 3 Trending Topics Connected to the Debate:

  1. Moderators
  2. Questions
  3. Weakness

Additional Social Analysis:

Most of the talk for the evening centered around the back and forth the candidates had with the CNBC moderators. In fact Moderators quickly became a trending topic and was the top trend throughout the entire debate.

There were significantly less mentions per hour and mentions overall than the previous two GOP debates. People were either watching the world series (Another trending topic throughout the evening) or were unable to find a place to watch the debate as it was only show on CNBC and not streamed online.

For more on the latest republican debate visit our LIVE Pulse here.

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