Stance And Kia: A Match Made With Social Listening
Carol Feigenbaum |
 06/06/16 |
3 min read


You can’t depend on luck to make your marketing efforts work. However, as our “ shows, using social listening to build a solid fan-base leaves you prepared for amazing opportunities to find you.

Consumer sentiment analysis proves your influence

When creative agency David and Goliath were looking for the perfect partner for client Kia’s 2016 Super Bowl commercial featuring Christopher Walken, they ran right into Stance, the super trendy, luxury sock maker. A Stance rep told Adweek “The creative concept of the Super Bowl ad and campaign called for a sock, and Kia thought of us as a natural fit.”

There were a few reasons for that: Both brands hail from California’s Orange County, and both are the official NBA brand in their category. Still, Stance wanted to prove they could deliver a no-fail sock cameo. To do that they did what they do on a daily basis, according to Stance Director of Social Media, Brett Sirianni. They used NetBase to prove they had the fans to make their Super Bowl appearance worthwhile, measuring:

  • Share of Voice to show audiences were talking about them as much as larger competitors, and that they could pull their own weight when it came to promoting the ad across social platforms – key to keeping viewers interested for days after the game
  • Net Sentiment to show that compared to other sock brands, they had the most positive emotional reactions
  • Passion Intensity to show their audience is deeply emotionally engaged with them; people don’t just think Stance socks are “cool” – they love them

This is the kind of data all brands should be looking at daily – because whether it’s a partnership opportunity, or your own C-suite, social proof of audience love is something you always want to know about. And that goes double when the love starts to sour.

It was a bit of coincidence that brought Kia and Stance together – but without the precise consumer sentiment data that proved Stance was up to the task, they might have lost out to a “bigger” brand.

Unlikely bedfellows become a perfect match with social audience marketing

While compact cars and polka dot knee socks might not seem to have anything in common, both brands were smart to recognize the potential inherent in the “feel alike” audiences social listening unearthed.

Kia’s focus was on showing social consumers they had “pizzazz” – so instead of targeting consumers posting about cars, or consumers in a specific age bracket, they looked for consumers with a passion for pizzazz and originality, which led them to Stance. And Stance knew their passionate audience would support the partnership.

The results are inarguable.

The Super Bowl commercial drove 654% increase in brand mentions and Stance sold completely out of their featured sock within hours. Even better, half the social conversation came from new audiences.

And none of this would have been possible if Stance hadn’t been cultivating a passionate following all along – and known it. Using social listening to craft campaigns is one thing – but it’s even better when you use it routinely to measure brand health. Having real-time data on hand is how smart decisions, and great partnerships, are made.

Make sure you’re ready when luck comes knocking.

For more about how Stance convinced David and Goliath they were the right partners for Kia, read the entire case study, or request a demo to see NetBase in action.

Image from the NRMA

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