A Bruising For Cruising: WSJ Sentiment Tracker by NetBase

Kimberly Surico |
 02/19/13 |
< 1 min read

I’ve never been a fan of cruises, especially since I went on my first – and only – cruise years ago and felt very claustrophobic. However, just watching the news coverage of the Carnival Triumph cruise stranded in the Gulf of Mexico solidified the fact that I am never stepping foot on a cruise again. I would completely lose my mind in that situation. The February 16th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker looked at the Facebook and Twitter response to the whole debacle, and not surprisingly, 57% of social media users expressed anger at the situation, 23% were sympathetic to the thousands onboard, 10% said they’d never cruise again (consider me firmly in that camp), and 10% cracked jokes. Check out some more of the jokes below:

Those poor people on that Carnival cruise.  Not only have they been stuck at sea with no plumbing, they’re getting off in Alabama.

After he resigns, the Pope is gonna spend time with the destitute living in squalor.  In other words, he’s taking a Carnival Cruise.

Now hiring: Carnival Cruise Lines Public Relations crisis team.

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