What Is a Market Research Report? How to Prepare and Present Market Research

Brands come and go, sometimes overnight. In this fast-paced market, having staying power comes down to understanding what’s happening within the industry, how your brand is perceived by consumers and how you measure up to the competition. And this understanding is...
What Is Customer Insight?

What Is Customer Insight?

Customer insight is a fancy way of saying a brand understands its customers. And it’s an understanding that is based on a variety of diverse data sources. In this post, we’ll explore what those data sources are, how customer insight capture looks in action, and why...

How to Utilize Secondary Market Research

How to Utilize Secondary Market Research

In a previous post, we touched on secondary market research, but didn’t go into depth. This one will clarify what it is, why it’s valuable and what to do with it! Our other post focused on primary market research––including what it is, the methods used, and both the...

Brands Overwhelmed by Data are Fighting Back

Brands Overwhelmed by Data are Fighting Back

As data sources multiply and the methods of obtaining that data become more advanced, the concern for many brands has moved away from collecting enough data to how to make use of the overwhelming amount of it. We have tips! Evidently, businesses have become very good...

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