Identify Consumer Drivers Hiding in Your Data Pool

Consumer drivers, the emotions and behaviors that signal consumers’ intent to buy, can feel like elusive creatures some days. But what if what you’re looking for is right there within your own data pool? Often, all it takes is running the dataset that you already have...
Winning Your Independence from Manual Processes

Winning Your Independence from Manual Processes

  Consumers are dynamic, your consumer and market intelligence should be as well! Manual information gathering takes more time and doesn’t offer the insights that a dynamic tool provides. So, we are going to reveal how your brand can win its independence from the...

What is Competitor Analysis in Marketing?

What is Competitor Analysis in Marketing?

On the surface, a competitor analysis helps brands identify competitors in an industry and reveals any winning marketing strategies. This intel can be benchmarked against your own data to give you a working idea of where you stand in the market. However, today's...

Top M&A Tools: A Complete Guide

Top M&A Tools: A Complete Guide

Originally the domain of large corporations and close-knit circles of big-shot bankers, lawyers, and brokers, M&As have gone mainstream. Here’s how to uncover, track and take action on these lucrative opportunities. M&As are now part of the corporate strategy...

Risk Analytics: A Quick Guide

Risk Analytics: A Quick Guide

Risk analytics helps brands determine the magnitude of underlying uncertainties they face. These uncertainties could be economic, regulatory, financial, technological, and political, and they threaten the business operations, placing the entire company at risk. Let’s...

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