9 Top Social Media Metrics to Monitor
Carol Feigenbaum |
 05/03/17 |
4 min read

Social analytics don’t hold much value if you can’t clearly measure ROI. To ensure your brand is getting the most from its social monitoring efforts, here are 9 social media metrics worth measuring to meet common brand goals:

To measure brand awareness

  1. Mentions

We’ve often said mentions alone aren’t enough to tell you how consumers see you – and that’s true. But it doesn’t mean mentions don’t have their place. To keep your brand name out there in the universe, you want people mentioning you – in a positive way. And of course you also want to know when the conversation takes a turn.

There’s more to look at for a complete picture, but knowing whether your brand is mentioned a lot – or never – is a good starting point for understanding where you stand.

  1. Engagement

The real goal is engagement – where consumers not only mention you, they’re actually talking to you, as well as about you to other consumers. Use your social analytics tools to look at which days and times get the most traction, as well as which topics get your audience excited.

Why? Because you’ve got to talk back – you can’t just market “at” consumers. This is why social listening tools were invented – to clue you in to insights consumers share about themselves. The more you uncover, the more you can tailor your conversation to appeal directly to your audience.

  1. Sentiment

To that end, Net Sentiment plays a key part. Understanding consumer likes and dislikes allows you to concur or commiserate, as the case may be. Creating segments based on shared topics of interest lets you individualize your messaging to engage precisely and authentically.

But don’t forget to measure consumer sentiment about your own brand. If people love you – you want to know why. And if they hate you – you really want to know! You can’t solve a problem unless you’re first aware of it. Sentiment provides the details you need.

Remember to include netspeak and emojis in your social sentiment analysis. And if you’ve got a recognizable logo, searching to be sure it hasn’t been misappropriated is a good idea. Not all social data comes in the form of text, so make sure you cover all your bases.

  1. Brand Passion

For even more information – and to know where to focus your energy – you want to also measure Passion Intensity. Someone who calls you out for a minor infraction isn’t as big a problem as someone who’s written a song about hating your brand and is sharing it every chance they get. Which brings us to…

  1. Detractors

Brand health depends on your ability to spot detractors early, and Passion Intensity provides a means of triaging those likely to cause the most trouble.

Measuring Net Sentiment and Passion Intensity – a combined value we call Brand Passion – shows you if you have a serious problem to contend with, or need to step up your game to prevent one down the road. But it also lets you spot consumers who can help you.

  1. Influencers

Why do you need to know who your biggest fans are? Because they deserve to be recognized! Do it right and these passionate people may become your first line of defense when social complaints crop up.

And when you know what attracts the influencers you have now, you can build an army of brand advocates to amplify messaging and defend your brand to haters – all for free!

To assess how content is performing

  1. Top content

Not all content will resonate with your audience – which is why you need to segment audiences and provide content specific to each segment. Even so, you have to know which content drives the most engagement – and where.

Are informational articles your audience’s cup of tea? Or funny memes? Or Instagram stories that peek behind the scenes of your brand? You have to know what consumers love – so you know to offer up more of it. And if they don’t love what you’re doing? Use social listening to understand why and change your approach.

  1. Top channels

Just as important as the content itself is where it’s making the most impact. Maybe your YouTube channel is going like gangbusters – or maybe Snapchat or Tumblr are where your customers love to hang. As you consider channel performance you want to take a few other things into consideration:

  • Referrals – which channels are driving users to your website?
  • Conversions – which channels result in the behaviors you want? Whether it’s sales, email sign-ups, etc., you want to be sure to cultivate your presence on the channels that matters most to your brand’s goals.

Remember, the quality of traffic matters, not just the volume. If visitors “bounce” quickly, or don’t convert, that particular social channel may not be worthwhile.

To benchmark against competitors

  1. Share of voice

It’s not enough to know how your brand is doing – you’ve got to know where you stand against other brands. Your social media monitoring has to include mentions of your top competitors so you understand where your brand falls in the hierarchy.

If you’re not where you want to be, it’s time to find out what consumers have to say about other brands in your space. This is something firms like Credit Suisse do before advising their clients on investment options.

But also, this competitive intelligence allows you to borrow from other brands’ successful strategies, or to offer solutions when they miss the mark – potentially bringing new loyal consumers to your own door.

Whatever your brand goals are, these 9 social media metrics will ensure your social analytics have purpose. And no matter the size of your brand, NetBase’s suite of social monitoring tools can power that purpose to keep your brand healthy – no matter what the social realm throws at it.


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