Segmenting your audience is a key tactic for uncovering shared audience passions that could be missed when looking with a broader lens. Facebook’s landscape is built for segmenting – but with so many options, you’re probably missing many undiscovered segments for your product or service.

This data is hiding in plain sight in Facebook comments, just waiting to be crafted into new audience personas for your campaign efforts on Facebook. Here are 7 to explore, depending on your brand.

1. People Traveling to a Certain Location

Facebook posts often inspire others’ aspirations – something frequently reflected in user comments:


Look at the great info in these comments about traveling to Disney World:

  • The desire to go to that particular place
  • The time of year – November
  • Events to celebrate there – Halloween, and someone’s birthday

You can find these insights using Demographic Analysis within NetBase. Analyze your topic to get an overview of data for Gender, Age, Interests and more. Looking at Bio Terms is a really useful way to understand how those with similar interests self-identify. You’re looking for terms that over-index or under-index within your overall demographics.

This is an example for Jack Daniels on Twitter, but the concept is the same for all social channels:


So if you searched your audience and uncovered terms like “travel” or “Disney,” filtering for Bio Terms would allow you to find the audience you’re most interested in – for example, moms, dads, or married couples.

And you don’t have to be a hospitality or travel brand to benefit from uncovering such insights. Using the examples above, your brand could sell any household product targeted at moms and dads, and you’d now have something to talk to them about. Or maybe it would make sense to partner with Disney on limited edition packaging, etc.

So now that you know how to manage the technical side, what other segments are ripe for interaction?

2. Long Distance Relationships

In addition to Facebook Groups devoted to the subject, long distance relationships are a topic that can come up in news items, or anywhere relationships are being discussed:

The news item is one thing, but it’s comments like this one that illustrate how real the struggle is for so many.

Who could connect with this segment? Anyone who’s been through the same, of course – individuals like influencers or forward-facing CEOs and such – or telecom companies, travel companies offering deals for reunions, and more.

3. Seniors – Those 65+

You could have several sub-segments with the 65+ segment:

  • Seniors still in the workforce
  • Seniors who are retired and looking to travel
  • Seniors in need of low-cost housing
  • Children of seniors looking for assisted living options

And so many more. Whether your audience is Baby Boomers, or Gen Xers with Boomer parents, this is a segment any brand can connect through. Because we’ll all be there one day.

: Quezon City, Philippines wants to be World Class on a number of fronts – including how they take care of their seniors; use geofencing to narrow to regional audiences that matter to your brand

4. Expats

Another opportunity to put geofencing to work is with the expat segment. Whether working abroad long-term, retiring to a new state, or moving to a new country, there are endless opportunities to connect with this segment. And endless subsegments they care about, like this one:

5. Military

The theme of segments within segments continues with the military segment. From supporting active troops and their families, to offering services to veterans, there are countless ways to interact here – as well as learn about this audience and how to serve them with your brand offerings.

6. Parents of College Kids

Sending your child(ren) off to college is a huge undertaking. From the financial side of things, to empty nest syndrome, there’s a lot for parents to manage – and they’re talking about it on Facebook.

This offers a treasure trove for a number of industries and brands to reach out and offer encouraging comments, or actual products to make the transition easier.

Parents sending their first child off this year might not even realize the “fat envelopes” aren’t the way students are notified in the digital age – as the comments below illustrate:

What a great opportunity to share knowledge!

7. People Interested in Certain Events

Facebook events are a goldmine for consumer information. Not only can you segment users by the types of events they like, you can use details provided in event comments to really hone in on the personalization they love.

Here, dairy free options are a request for an upcoming Ice Cream Sundaes with the Easter Bunny event.

This is fabulous intel to have – and could even be an opportunity for your dairy-free ice cream brand to interact, or offer services to the event.

Just don’t be spammy about it, or you’ll hurt your brand instead of helping it.

As you gather such insights and interact, you can perform a Converged Media Analysis to compare comments to see whether earned, owned, or partnered content and interactions brings the highest engagement, and move forward accordingly.

Rules of the Facebook Road

Facebook has some limitations on how it allows 3rd parties – like social analytics providers – to access its API. Essentially, you’ve got to decide in advance which pages you want to follow, and ensure you have enough authorized users to manage the necessary calls to the API. And that their permissions are current.

Because there’s a rate limit—a maximum number of hourly requests that NetBase can submit per authorized user – the more users you have authorized, the more data you can gather in a one-hour period. As for pages, a single authorization supports approximately 200 average-sized page.

For these reasons, you’ll want to appeal to these segments on your own pages, and those you follow, to be sure you have access to the insights coming through. And, of course, it helps to see if these segments exist on other channels you manage as well. Never limit your ability to reach your target audiences!

And never limit the segments you can talk to – because anytime you care about the things consumers care most about, you create a potential customer. And isn’t that the point?

Want to learn more about how our AI analytics tools find meaningful Facebook insights? Schedule a call with us and we’ll walk you through a customized demo.


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