NetBase LIVE NY, held at the Millennium Hotel near Times Square in New York City, convened a sold out conference of social media professionals over the course of two days to talk tools, tactics and technology.

From over 30+ speakers and panelists that graced the stage and shared their expertise, five large themes emerged that apply to every social marketer and – in most cases – marketers everywhere.

Each theme really deserves its own dedicated discussion, but for now we’ll briefly touch upon key aspects raised by experts during the conference.


1. For Better Social Engagement, Harness Social Psychology

The core of Nancy Harhut’s (Harhut Media) keynote, “Lazy and Crazy: The Two Most Important Words in Marketing Today,” revolved around how social marketers could make better social content by understanding human psychology.

Harhut’s presentation looked at the “lazy” and “crazy” side of human to get to the bottom of our daily social media interactions through five main aspects. She gave many great examples, studies and strategies within her presentation (more than I can adequately present here), but below are several interesting tidbits from the presentation:

  • Use “because” in your marketing copy. WHY? Because it’s a compliance trigger – we are more likely to comply with a request if there’s a reason (even if it’s a bad reason).
  • Charts convey authority. Regardless of what it’s showing, or whether it’s accurate, several studies have shown charts can dramatically increase how trustworthy the content feels.
  • Tell a story. There’s a scientific reason that “story” has become a marketing buzzword – it works. Stories activate more of your brain, ultimately leading to higher retention.

2. Social Listening is Crucial to Discovering Your Audience in 2017

Identifying your social audiences has always been an important part of social media analytics. What’s different is turning to social to discover NEW, untapped opportunities for the brand at large.

Take the Arby’s & Society talk, “From Data-driven to Data Validated – How Arby’s and Society Use Social Data to Create Foundational Understanding for Savory Content”. Michael Nguyen (Arby’s) and Larry Cohen (Mediabrands Society) lead us through the process of discovering, defining and connecting with hunters across the country – a group largely ignored by the rest of the fast food spectrum. Arby’s Vension Burger campaign was the culmination of what started out as an exercise in social audience creation.

On October 21st, Arby’s rolled a venison sandwich to all of their US locations.

Heather Vassar from Universal Music Group Nashville presented the “Importance of Understanding the Artist’s Audience in the Evolving Music Industry” and dug into the unique challenge of keeping tabs on social audiences for 26+ major country music artists.

“New” audiences for Vassar are often not brand new, but people who have been listening to artists for years, yet not necessarily spoken to. For Shania Twain’s recent release, one such audience was LGBTQ individuals who have been long time Shania fans.

Data from Spotify, Pandora, and social listening tools like NetBase allowed for deeper understanding of how to speak sincerely to those audiences in a way unavailable in the past.


3. Social Analytics Needs a Seat at the Table

If there was just ONE takeaway from Moxie VP of Advanced Analytics Shawn McGahee’s presentation, “Power of the People – Social Conversations that Drive Impactful Creative” it would be how delicious breakfast can be…

Happily, we don’t have to choose just one takeaway.

Both McGahee and Digital Marketing Manager Elizabeth Russ of Campbell Soup Company (who presented How Campbell’s Delivers Social Insights for Faster Decision Making) discussed the various challenges of getting social insights integrated into the marketing process.

The audience nodded in acknowledgement as McGahee talked about frequent roadbocks and how to overcome them. Russ showed how Campbell’s has worked through several iterations in their process to empower their product groups in social analytics.

McGahee suggests the importance of innovation in your marketing strategy. Forget words like “traditional” and “best practices” and establish your brand as one moving the needle in everything you do. For Moxie that means:

  • Adapting your process to take advantage of opportunistic moments on social media – and harnessing them for the engagement and insights you want
  • Taking calculated risks – and using real-time social analytics to tell you when you’re off track
  • Measuring for repeatable success – while maintaining flexibility to go where the insights take you

This approach gave Moxie clients Chick-fil-A and Delta off-the-charts engagement, beyond what they’d ever experienced.


4. Artificial Intelligence is the Next Evolution in Social Analysis

Social data is already Big Data. NetBase already pulls in millions of conversations against a robust set of filters and parameters. But what if we could add in machine learning to this data?

That is exactly what Razi Imam at 113 Industries is doing, plugging NetBase’s large data set into IBM Watson’s API to reveal even deeper insights of consumer personalities and behaviors – while making an initially elite technology available to the world of agencies.

His presentation,”How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Develop the New Marketing Playbook for Brands” delved into the complexities of Cognitive Personality Insights, and how to super charge your marketing by combining Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. Particularly how finding nuanced distinctions amongst seemingly similar consumers means more precise targeting of audience segments that matter most.


5. Inspiration for the Year to Come

At its core, both NetBase LIVE 2017 events (NY & LA) left attendees reimagining how social analytics is being used to inform, inspire, and validate brands along the entire marketing spectrum – and more. We’ve come a long way from counting likes and followers. Just imagine where we’ll be next year!


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