On May 8th NetBase customers will have full access to Tumblr data. As part of our pre-release, we’re taking a look at four ways leading brands in different industries are successfully marketing on Tumblr’s diverse platform.

With over 230M blogs and 80M new posts every day, the Tumblr universe is enormous and growing larger every day. It’s a tremendous amount of content, but how much of what’s on Tumblr should matter to brands? According to a content engagement study by Millward Brown Digital1, customers who engaged with branded content on Tumblr “delivered a 226% lift in KPI actions when compared to the average internet user,” demonstrating how engagement with branded posts can lead to desirable customer action. The beauty of Tumblr is that brands can be truly creative and original with visual and audio posts. Here are four examples that stood out for us.

Game of Thrones (HBO)

The first great example of a company utilizing their existing fan base through Tumblr is Game of Thrones. Produced by HBO, this high fantasy television hit has a tremendous following on Tumblr. By re-blogging the mountains of fan produced Tumblr content, such as fan art, creative GIFs that mash up GOT with other shows, and countless other examples HBO is able to provide a curated experience for their fans. HBO is then able to direct users to their own websites and services such as HBO GO and their newly launched HBO NOW by posting links in between the community created posts.

Nike Women (Nike)

The second example, Nike Women, on the other hand has created original content specifically for Tumblr. The sub brand of Nike has created GIFs that embody the spirit of its tag line of #betterforit. The images have minimal branding and exemplify an active lifestyle in line with the qualities of the Nike Women brand. The objective is to create content appealing to active and athletic women on Tumblr to intrinsically link the Nike Women brand to this health and fitness lifestyle.


Its impossible to talk about brand created content on Tumblr without mentioning our third example Denny’s. The restaurant chain’s blend of unique, funny and just plain strange images built specifically for Tumblr has given them a huge following. By consistently creating surprising off the wall content, Denny’s has solidified their position as one of the most creative brands on Tumblr.

ILX (Acura)

Our fourth example, Acura, has gone above and beyond in creating a unique experience on Tumblr. The luxury automotive company has built a music experience by hosting a playlist of songs from up-and-coming artists meant to evoke the experience of driving their car, the ILX. Acura also created GIFs to go along with each song for fans to easily re-blog and share their favorites.

The diverse and interesting posts these four companies produce result in fan attention, helping to achieve an increase in desirable customer actions. In summary, here is what works:

  • Engage your fan base
  • Creative content that aligns with brand aspirations
  • Delight fans with weird and unique content
  • Choose brand ambassadors who embody your brand’s qualities

NetBase is excited to offer comprehensive Tumblr data and analysis to help our customers discover consumer passions and connect with them in unique and relevant ways. See the press release here.

1 https://blog.compete.com/2014/11/06/tumblr-content-engagement-study-measuring-impact-engagement-consumer-behavior/

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