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Since trailblazers like Dane Cook proved the power of social media in the hey-day of MySpace, brands have used social analytics to understand and put social love to good use. Here are 4 powerful lessons we can learn from the “youngest self-made millionaire” – social media superstar, Kylie Jenner.

The Power of Passion

Whether you feel Jenner has had unfair advantages, coming from wealth and earning major bucks as a model, is irrelevant. What Jenner has done brilliantly for years now is share her life – and love for cosmetics – on social media.

Fans with similar passions follow her devotedly, asking about her makeup, her clothing, her accessories. She quickly became most famous for her pouty lips – even inspiring a bizarre and dangerous viral craze – so it’s no surprise her Kylie Lip Kits took off like wildfire.

Her marketing strategy has been simple, but effective: Wear the makeup, post pics as she always has, and share the shades she’s wearing.

Lesson 1: Shared passions build social relationships – blind promotions don’t. 

When People Love You, They’ll Do Anything – Or Will They?

There’s a reason social sentiment is an aspect of every tool and tactic under the social analytics umbrella: Emotions inspire action.

Intense emotions like love and hate motivate people to respond rather than simply observe. But it’s a fine line.

For example, Jenner’s near-billionaire status inspired another social star, The Fat Jewish, to start a GoFundMe page to take her over the edge to the real deal. This would make her the youngest self-made billionaire ever.

Yes, this is real, though very likely a social experiment to see just who would fall for it – given the humor of The Fat Jewish. So far only 166 people have contributed $2318 to the $100 million goal. But the page has been shared 18K times.

As for the original post, it received 232K likes, but the comments give you an idea of the sentiment there. And here’s what NetBase Pro shows us:

go fund me sentiment

Sentiment around the GoFundMe page is negative, with most people blaming her fans for being stupid or crazy, and demanding she give the money to charity if it comes through.

Jenner hasn’t commented on the fundraiser, and that’s probably smart. You don’t always need to respond to social negativity. But it would also be smart to use social monitoring to make sure sentiment doesn’t take a turn.

For the moment she is individually doing just fine, with most of the conversation focused on her achievement:

kylie jenner sentiment

And her brand is doing fine as well – with love for the new summer eyeshadow collection overtaking the small annoyances:

kylie cosmetics sentiment

Lesson 2: Don’t create a crisis where there isn’t one, but keep a close eye on sentiment for any changes.

Be On the Lookout for Influencers

Before Jenner launched Kylie Cosmetics, her influence brought in endorsement deals by the likes of Puma and PacSun.

Surely every cosmetics company in the world must be kicking themselves for not offering to create a line with Jenner. But now it’s Jenner’s turn to take the lesson to heart, because she has influencers of her own:

kylie cosmetics influencers

Nikkietutorials’ 9.8 million followers are nothing to sneeze at. Giving such a popular influencer access, and perhaps securing an exclusive deal that prevents competition, is worth considering. Especially before someone else decides to.

Lesson 3: Pay attention to influencers with large followings and social love, and put them to work!

Never Get Too Comfortable

Social success is never guaranteed – nor is any other kind of success. Jenner’s company may be worth close to a billion dollars, but it’s not the only one. In fact, Pat McGrath Labs just became a billion-dollar company – surpassing Kylie Cosmetics’ valuation.

Their Instagram account may have fewer followers than Jenner’s, but they’re obviously doing something right. The beating-Jenner announcement sent social sentiment spiking to 100%:

pat mcgrath labs sentiment

Looking at the Sentiment Attributes, you can see there are a lot fewer negative conversations in the mix compared to Kylie Cosmetics:

pat mcgrath labs sentiment attributes

Pat McGrath Labs offers what Kylie Cosmetics doesn’t: makeup for women of color. Perhaps it’s time for Jenner to look at additional audience segments and expand her brand. Or not – Pat McGrath Labs would likely appreciate it if she didn’t.

Lesson 4: Be aware of competitors and their distinctions. Use social analytics to assess how to compete, or if you should.

Ensuring Your Brand’s Future

With a meteoric rise to success – in less than three years – Kylie Cosmetics’ staying power is as uncertain as any other brand’s. Consumers are fickle, trends changes, and loyalty is never promised.

The best way to ensure your brand is still here tomorrow – and ten years from now – is to use social analytics to understand everything you can about your audience, your customer experience, and your industry.

Who knows? Yours just might be the next billion-dollar company.

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