Keeping up with the quickly shifting best practices in social media monitoring is challenging – even if you’re paying attention. It’s not too late to incorporate these three recent changes you may have missed.

1. Monitoring to inform all areas of your brand or business

Initially the focus of social media monitoring and social data was marketing use cases – and rightly so. With information direct from consumers, it still makes sense to use social insights to power targeted, personalized campaigns.

But marketing isn’t where the buck stops. Data gleaned from social monitoring can be applied to nearly every business area in your company:

  • Sales – How do consumers want to be approached, what moves them to purchase, and other questions are answered right there on social.
  • Innovation – Customer feedback about your products and your competitors’ products means there is no shortage of great ideas that come with a built-in audience.
  • Customer experience – What do consumers expect and need from you? How can you wow them while beating other brands? It’s no mystery if you’re monitoring social.

And these are just a few suggestions. Basically, social monitoring can impact brand health at every level if you just know how to apply it.

2. Moving beyond crisis management to customer experience management

A key function of social monitoring is having a heads up when things are about to go sideways – so you can get out in front of brewing crises. That’s important, but so are the small problems that get consumers venting. Even if they never erupt into viral catastrophes, they matter.

Social customer service is now part of the overall customer experience – so if you’ve been dropping the ball there, it’s time to pick it up and run. Any negative sentiment should be explored until you understand what happened. And of course you must respond so that dissatisfied customer – and everyone watching – knows you care.

The “everyone watching” part is critical. You’re never just helping one customer on social. You’re helping every customer, and every prospect too. You have to remember that.

3. Monitoring images for logo misappropriation

Images are a big deal on social media:

There are billions of images shared daily across all of social. Do you know how many of them contain your logo – or worse, a nefarious twist on your logo?

Such pictures are worth the same 1000 words as any other. That means they may not be accompanied by text alerting you to their presence – making them all the more dangerous to your brand’s reputation.

Your social monitoring can’t stop with your brand’s name or troublesome keywords – you’ve got to monitor images as well. Otherwise you won’t know your logo is being misappropriated until it’s too late.

Be sure your social media monitoring tools include visual monitoring so you have this extra level of protection from web trolls.

Stay flexible and stay on top

As the social landscape changes, be open to new ways to use social analytics for the good of your brand as a whole. Social monitoring has more to offer than you may have imagined – but we’ll always remind you just how to make the most of your tools.

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Image from Pea Chesh


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