Forrester New Wave Report

Striving to set the bar for offering the most advanced consumer and market intelligence insight available, we are excited to announce that we’ve been named a leader  in this rapidly growing market, with NetBase Quid’s inclusion in The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2021 Report!

NetBase Quid received the highest possible scores in six out of ten criteria including Data sources, Data onboarding, Analytics and reporting, UX and actionability, Product vision, and Market approach, more than any other vendor in the report. Let’s dig into some details below – and please be sure to download the report!

Selecting & Evaluating the Leading AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence (AICI) Providers

As one of only 9 leading providers invited to participate, Forrester’s selection criteria were stringent – and very clear: Forrester required significant revenue from the AI-enabled consumer intelligence platform, focused on these AICI solutions, and not including revenue from other services ‘related’ to the product. And it focused on vendors most relevant to Forrester clients, as indicated by frequency of client inquiries and because, in Forrester’s judgment, their market presence, unique offering, or technical capabilities warranted inclusion.

To set the tone for the rankings NetBase Quid has earned, it’s important to understand how Forrester defines AICI platforms. That criterion includes the ability to:

Deliver insights from data from outside the company (e.g., social, web, and/or consumer data) and combine it with customer data (e.g., CRM, website) to deliver the best customer experience

Power to look beyond current customers’ behaviors, needs, and preferences and combine with rapidly delivering actionable insights on emerging trends and unexpected shifts in consumer behavior.

Facilitate the cross-company decision-making, including customer experience (CX), customer engagement (including customer care), customer insights (including market research), marketing, innovation, sales, and product development and management.

Move beyond explanatory or diagnostic insights (what happened and why) and continue to expand AI-enabled capabilities that deliver predictive and prescriptive insights .

From there, The Forrester New Wave™: AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Platforms, Q3 2021 report assess only emerging technologies, and the analysis is based on a 10-criterion. The results show readers how each provider measures up and helps B2C marketers and business insight professionals select the right AICI solution for their needs. This is crucial, as the importance of having an accurate, transparent and robust AICI solution capable of integrating with other intelligence tools cannot be underestimated here.

“AI-enabled intelligence tools are critical for brands to stay ahead of consumer needs. We are honored to be ranked as a leader in Forrester’s AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Platform market report,” said Paige Leidig, Chief Marketing Officer of NetBase Quid. “This ranking is a testament to the entire NetBase Quid team and the company’s commitment to providing the richest data with the broadest coverage through the company’s AI-enabled continuous consumer and market intelligence platform.”

How NetBase Quid Measures Up!

You’ll need to download the report to read it in full, but it’s worth it and can save you from choosing the wrong, though often popular, vendorAccording to Forrester Research

“NetBase Quid offers the strongest capabilities across both social and customer-owned data sources. NetBase Quid’s expansive data sources and onboarding fuel its differentiating approach to sentiment and emotion: parsing positive and negative terms to extend what people say with a high probability of meaning that further enables that insight’s actionability.” 

We were also deemed “the strongest fit for enterprises operating across many regions and languages. The platform supports 199 languages across platform features as well as plug-and-play data integrations for a wide range of enterprise solutions, with more planned in the roadmap. 

Our next generation artificial intelligence processes billions of indexed resources across all forms of structured and unstructured data, empowering our brand, agency and consulting services customers to make smart, data-driven decisions accurately, quickly and efficiently. This closely aligns with the thrust of the report, which pulls back the curtain on the platforms themselves, revealing how each provider measures up.

Overall, the report is designed for customer insights professionals to use as a resource when selecting the right partner for their AI-enabled consumer intelligence needs, and we look forward to you doing just that! Please be sure to reach out for a demo, so we can show you these accolades in action, and why NetBase Quid is a trusted partner of so many leading businesses!

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