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Carol Feigenbaum |
 02/07/19 |
2 min read

There are some tried and true hashtags you’ll see applied to most posts in your category, and who doesn’t love an adorable puppy pic? But assuming these things will attract your target market because you see everyone else doing it isn’t just faulty logic, it’s unnecessarily putting your brand at risk!

Uncovering new ideas and winning exceptional engagement with your audience, engagement that trounces the competition, is a prize every brand in your category is vying for. And if a competitor finds that holy grail of marketing today, you’ll be left scrambling to catch whatever crumbs they leave behind tomorrow.

Disruptions, innovations and viral campaigns start this way – with in-depth audience understanding that competitors have yet to grasp. A need defined and spoken to. Just ask Uber. Or better yet – ask the taxi companies that are quickly becoming obsolete.

The guide speaks to these risks and assumptions as well as insight around brands you should learn from – leader, challenger and small brand stories that will make you reconsider your position in whatever category you inhabit. They’ll also both inspire and worry you, if you stop to apply it all to your own competitive intelligence and audience insight capabilities.

And then there’s advanced image analytics, which makes a difference here, of course. We take things beyond the basics, hence “advanced.” Being able to meaningfully capture and understand every bit of insight this very visual platform has to offer means your tool must offer best-in-class access to:

  • Scene recognition—i.e., indoors, outdoors, a mall, a movie theater
  • Object recognition—i.e., a car, a boat, a baseball cap
  • Facial recognition—i.e., gender, age, smiles, frowns and so on
  • Geographic recognition—i.e., the mountains, the desert, the ocean, Paris, San Francisco
  • Logo recognition—i.e., your brand’s logo, spoofs of your logo, other brands’ logos

And we also explore Instagram’s ever evolving API, which has gone through important and exciting changes of late, offering new ways to capture and analyze data to sort out segment insight. And why these are all things you should be aware of and taking steps to adopt before it all changes again!

Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes

Instagram analytics comes with a learning curve for many brands, for sure, but as social analytics change they unlock correspondingly advanced pieces of information around current and potential consumers – and about the social channels themselves! Because it’s not only brands that are fighting to stay relevant and connected to online participants, social channels are as well. It’s a team effort. And Instagram is the queen of the ball.

Download the guide to see how top brands are analyzing the voluminous data Instagram has to offer, and how your brand can do the same!


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