Looking Back 2014In what feels like the blink of an eye, another year is coming to a close. Marketers and brands who are up to speed are keeping up in real time as social media and social data continue to evolve. What innovations will 2015 bring? We can’t wait to find out. In the meantime, here’s a look back at some of our favorite posts from the past year.

Understanding the Drivers Between Online Brands and Word of MouthMitch Lovett, Assistant Professor of Marketing, Simon School of Business, University of Rochester, conducted a research study on what generates both online and offline WOM, and what differentiates between the two. Hint: it’s about brand characteristics and emotion.

Demographic Segmentation: Soon to Be a Thing of the Past?Michael Osofsky explains why he believes defining audience based on unmet needs is more effective (and soon to be more popular) than the demographics marketers are used to. And he’s not alone.

Customer Engagement Takes Off For American Airlines – If you’ve ever wondered how large corporations handle social media, American Airlines Senior Analyst, Social Communications Katy Phillips will fill you in on how AA continues to evolve their engagement strategy using NetBase.

Want 117,000,000 Brand Impressions? Get a Hat – Preparation met opportunity when Pharrell wore a hat to the Grammy’s, giving Arby’s a perfect lead-in to tweet about the resemblance to their logo. Not sure about real-time marketing? As far as Arby’s is concerned, the results speak for themselves.

Social Media Insights – Interview with Eric Enge – Information does not equal insight, and insights (actionable ones) are what marketers and brands want. Eric Enge, president of Stone Temple Consulting, talks about the difference and more in his interview.

As always, we’re happy to have been part of helping tame the social landscape for our clients and loyal followers for another year. What can you expect from social media next year? We plan to be in the know – and to share it with you!

Which post was YOUR favorite? What do you want to know more about in the New Year? Tell us!

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