The Best Social Media Monitoring Guide for Brands

Your brand may or may not be mentioned in the endless conversations happening online right now, but that doesn’t make these conversations any less relevant. Consumers are sharing needs, wants, challenges and all sorts of intel which your competitors are capturing and...
Social Listening: What, Why & How

Social Listening: What, Why & How

When your brand is ready to use its social listening tool to capture ‘social insight’ and begin implementing accurate and actionable insight into its strategy, you’ve found a great place to start! We’re sharing what social listening is exactly, and what can you do...

Top Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022

Top Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022

As we head into the new year, it’s never been more important to keep an eye on consumer sentiment.  Understanding the sentiments driving consumer posts and purchasing decisions will be crucial as brands rethink their marketing strategies in 2022 – and we have some...

The Complete Consumer Behavior Analysis Guide

The Complete Consumer Behavior Analysis Guide

  Consumer behavior is a mystery at best sometimes, however savvy brands globally are harnessing the power of consumer behavior analysis to guide them in complex decision making. More specifically, they tend to focus on: Filling Knowledge Gaps Identifying Emerging...

A Guide to Brand Sentiment Analysis

A Guide to Brand Sentiment Analysis

In a world of constantly shifting consumer opinions, it's critical for your brand to stay abreast of how you look in the customer’s eye. Fortunately, social listening makes this relatively easy to do. Keeping tabs on your brand reputation illuminates your strengths...

Guide to Text Analytics Tools

Guide to Text Analytics Tools

There’s a mountain of data out there for brands to sift through in hopes of gaining insights into their industry and consumer base. But without the right text analytics tools, you’ll likely miss critical intel. Text analysis helps break down this data for you, and...

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