Identifying Top TikTok Brands, Influencers & Hashtags

Social trends are everything online and keeping up with them is a job in itself.Every platform on the social web is home to trends in one form or another, but one site – TikTok – has become a super popular hub for brands and influencers, as it is where...
16 Top Social Media Tools for 2022

16 Top Social Media Tools for 2022

Which social media tools make sense for your brand? Even if you already know what kind of new media tools you need to look for and why, validating your findings is wise. This list will help! Our updated social media tools list captures shifting trends and...

Top 8 Customer Intelligence Platforms for 2022

Top 8 Customer Intelligence Platforms for 2022

Customer intelligence platforms take the guesswork out of the consumer mindset equation. A robust platform ensures you understand what consumers love and the improvements they want to see from your products, removing assumptions from every part of your organization....

Intuitive AI Updates and Expanded Datasets

Intuitive AI Updates and Expanded Datasets

NetBase Quid is always evolving and improving as new tech is available, and as artificial intelligence continues to improve. This means better, and more accurate results for your consumer and market intelligence endeavors, including these expanded datasets. Accuracy...

Social Listening: What, Why & How

Social Listening: What, Why & How

Is your brand ready to capture its ‘social insight’ to inform strategic decision-making? If so, you’ve found a great place to start! We’re sharing what social listening is exactly, and what can you do with it to capture your brand’s piece of the global marketplace!...

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