Beauty and Fashion

Beauty and fashion brands need social media insights to better understand their consumers within their rapid ever-changing market. From consumer views on animal testing, ingredients, and colors, proactive social listening is driving new products, enabling innovation and delivering better customer experiences.

Understand Brand Health and Consumer Perceptions

With so many choices in the beauty game, understanding brand health is imperative to keep pace in an industry where the consumer has a multitude of options, with the most innovative companies rising to the top with products that delight and meet the needs of ever-changing beauty trends.

  • Quickly understand brand sentiment and passion intensity, with an in depth understanding of what consumer like, love and what drives purchase intent
  • Identify which products in your portfolio are discussed most often; what people like or dislike about them as well as common applications for them
  • Level set consumer perception against brand perception to see if they are aligned

Measure Share of Voice in the Crowded Beauty Category

Consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to beauty, making it imperative for brands to understand their share of voice in this crowded market. The NetBase Platform makes it easy to quickly understand share of voice among competitors, as well as sentiment, passion intensity and industry specific metrics such as packaging, price, value, ingredients and such. In addition, the NetBase platform offers a Brand Passion Index, a metric that is indicative of brand health, that shows how brands perform against each other as it relates to Brand Passion sentiment and passion intensity.

  • Quickly measure competitive share of voice to identify category leaders
  • Understand competitive sentiment, passion intensity and what people like or dislike about their brand and products
  • Dig deeper into the data by looking at the competitive set as it relates to unique industry sub categories such as ingredients, price, packaging, cruelty free, organic and much more

Identify Emerging Trends to Fuel Messaging and Product Innovation

The beauty industry changes quickly, with new trends popping up daily, often fueled by social influencers showing new techniques.

  • Category Analysis can identify emerging market trends that your brand can capitalize on to inform marketing mix and messaging, as well as product innovation
  • Quickly identify which brands are leading as it relates to market trends to better understand competitive positioning
  • Capitalize on market trends by using relevant content tone, hashtags, and influencers to deliver the right message
Reduce Handle Time

Identify and Measure Influencers for Maximum Impact

Influencers often drive the next “big thing” as it relates to beauty trends, and the NetBase platform makes it easy to spot influencers who would be a great fit to work with your brand. You can easily track all influencers in one spot, as well as identifying the kind of lift your brand sees from influencer partnerships.


  • Identify influencers who would be complimentary to your brand and understand their followers, conversation tone and engagement rates
  • Monitor all brand influencer channels in one place to quickly understand which networks are most active
  • Measure owned, earned and partnered (influencer) posts to understand conversation lift, engagement rates, sentiment and passion intensity from influencer posts

Use Consumer Driven Insights to Drive Strategy and Campaigns

The data doesn’t lie and is a valuable resource to understand what is relevant to consumers, who is talking, where they’re talking, and what matters to them most. Understanding what makes them tick allows brands to deliver a highly targeted, relevant message to the right people at the right place at the right time. The NetBase platform makes it easy to be data driven with your strategy while also benchmarking and measuring campaigns in real time for on-the-fly optimization.

  • Identify which social channels are most active to inform media strategy
  • Understand conversation discussion and tone to deliver messaging that resonates and generates response
  • Conduct audience segmentation to identify marketing opportunities
  • Measure campaigns to track key KPIs such as tracking purchase intent before, during and post campaign; a lift in engagement rates or an increase in brand awareness

Be A Global Presence with Local Relevance

Global brands have the challenge of operating in a Global Market, with each country and region offering its own set of unique cultural nuances. Customer Experience analytics help inform brands of consumer perception at a global, country, and city level of granularity. With language support in over 199 languages, the NetBase platform empowers your organization to resonate locally, at global scale.

  • Monitor brand sentiment in over 199 languages to understand potential risks to brand health in every market
  • Be locally relevant by understanding cultural trends and implications so messaging is relevant and relatable
  • Identify product and operational issues from a local, regional and global perspective that could tarnish brand reputation and equity

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