Quid Social

Quid Social expands your Quid data sources with comprehensive social media coverage for historic and real-time analysis. You can now easily add “social” as a data source from within the Quid platform to get AI-driven social insights on any topic, further enriching your consumer and media insights.

Single Source of Truth Across All Data Sources

Disparate data analysis tools and sources make analyzing data –and ultimately forming a data-driven strategy—cumbersome and time-consuming. Bringing your major data sources under one platform makes it much easier to synthesize data, increasing the depth, breadth and accuracy of your insights.

  • Enabled by NetBase, longtime leader in social analytics
  • Global coverage from 200+ countries
  • Comprehensive social coverage – Twitter, Reddit, forums, review sites, Facebook, Instagram, and many more
  • 27 months of history and going-forward data

Uncover Consumer Insights

Gain contextual insights into how consumers perceive your brand, your competition and your market.

  • Expand your view into how consumers perceive your brand
  • Enrich your research and decision-making through deeper insights
  • Analyze and visualize your data based on a number of dimensions including channel, geo, demographics and more
  • Enhance your market intelligence analysis with consumer data to validate consumer demand

Identify Emerging Themes and Consumer Trends

Analyze social conversation and discover emerging themes that inform strategic business decisions

  • Identify the main drivers of conversation in social media around a topic
  • Understand how certain target audiences are talking about a topic or issue
  • Identify whitespace to improve your brand’s share of voice
  • Enhance influencer identification and analysis

Understand Brand Perception

Analyze social conversation and discover emerging themes that inform strategic business decisions

  • Monitor your company position relative to your competitors in your marketplace
  • Track campaign messaging to identify what’s resonating best with consumers and target markets
  • Identify competitive areas of focus for innovation/R&D
  • Understand how consumers are reacting to market trends, innovation, and competitive products

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