Quid Pro

The First and Only Contextual AI Platform
Quid Pro gives you the power to read and visualize massive amounts of written content, taking your research far beyond the limitations of conventional methods. With full control over each analysis, you can get a bird’s eye view of everything in your dataset and then dive deeper into the discussions that interest you most.

Media Analytics

Research any subject in depth to gain a full picture of the overall media narrative. Access over 1 billion articles from more than 3.6 million global news and blog sources.

Market Intelligence

Identify market trends and strategic opportunities with access to 2.1 million public and private company profiles and patent data that span 50 jurisdictions.

Consumer Insights

Analyze more than 2.5 billion Social Media posts for unprecedented and contextual insight into how consumers perceive your brand, your competition, and your market.

Full Customization

Full ability to customize allows you to dig deeper or fine-tune your results from our built-in data sets, or even your own uploaded data. Curate your analysis by isolating portions of the network, highlighting competitor data, and setting custom filters. And, when you’re ready, create exportable data visualizations that illustrate your key findings.

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