Quid Monitoring

Comprehensive media coverage for historical and real-time monitoring. Interactive reports identify trends, measure share of voice, track themes, sentiment, and more from your Quid network analyses.

Unlock more value and new insights from your Quid networks

Quid Monitoring is a services-enabled extension of the Quid offering that enables users to conduct discovery, monitoring, and alerting on the same inputs used in the Quid network queries and tags.

Discovery leads to monitoring, monitoring leads to discovery

Quid Monitoring delivers iterative solutions where key topics and themes can be monitored in real-time to keep you abreast of changes in the media narrative. Changes uncovered in your monitoring will trigger new insights discovery in your Quid analyses.

Never miss an insight for your strategic initiatives

Let our AI-enabled solution monitor trends in your Quid Network analysis. Quid Monitoring delivers interactive reports and real-time alerts with data updated continuously so you never miss an insight for your most strategic initiatives.

  • Monitor brand perception, share of voice, and competitive position in the marketplace
  • Track conversation themes in the media narrative around a topic
  • Be alerted to sudden shifts in media coverage and sentiment 

Real-time visibility into your brand, your competition, and your market

Get on-going, real-time delivery of key insights and analyses of your news media coverage combined with other data sources resulting in unprecedented visibility into themes, trends relevant to your brand, your competition and your market.

  • Monitor trends in volume and sentiment for themes identified by Quid
  • Categorize events such as investments, partnerships, and joint ventures
  • Track customer and/or patient conversations to monitor trends, pain points, and satisfaction drivers

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