The NetBase Quid® platform comprises built-in and supporting technologies to power social media and customer experience analytics, and ensure users are getting the most accurate and thorough results possible.
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NetBase Quid® Provides Data-Driven Intelligences for Your Business

NetBase Quid® offers a complete platform to help enable businesses to use data-driven intelligence to run their business, specifically around understanding consumers and markets. The fully AI-powered platform, provides the ability for businesses to discover new trends, identify new opportunities and monitor intelligence over time.

In addition, the platform is built for scale and accuracy, delivering insights to the entire organization. Or even customize those insights to highly specialized business requirements.

Discover: Identify and Predict Emerging Trends

The NetBase Quid platform, a common entry point to understanding consumer and market intelligence, discovers changes in consumer behavior and emerging market trends. Our discover capabilities identify anomalies or outliers that NetBase Quid predicts a need for further drill-down. Additionally, the platform uncovers themes or topics that resonates with an audience— or even potentially exploring adjacent markets for new products, services, and customers. NetBase Quid’s discover capability, powered by our AI, classifies, segments, and organizes data. By using artificial intelligence (AI), the platform identifies conversations by media, type, source, author, engagement, and reach. In the process, the NetBase Quid platform contextualizes consumer and market data to identify themes and emerging trends, prescribing where to act for maximum market movement. By leveraging network diagrams coupled with AI that identifies outliers, the NetBase Quid platform predicts trends that pose a threat or an opportunity.

Monitor: Enabling Agility through Real-time Intelligence

As a continuity to NetBase Quid’s discover capabilities, businesses leverage the NetBase Quid platform to monitoring ongoing activity. Monitor capabilities tracks trends in real-time as well as understanding brand health, share of voice, competitors, developing or optimizing campaigns, understanding your audience, tracking and analyzing competitive movement, or even responding to a crisis. The NetBase Quid platform gathers intelligence around your brand, sentiment, passion, people, and brand attributes by looking at consumer and market data in real-time. This intelligence, or data-driven insights, derived from monitor capabilities help businesses improve agility.

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Connect and Customize: Extending the Power of NetBase Quid

The intelligence gathered with discover and monitor capabilities often need to be deployed in innovative or different ways. NetBase Quid intelligence can be shared across the organization through your BI platform connecting multiple silos of data into a single source of truth. By exposing metrics and KPIs generated within NetBase Quid to your BI platform, you effectively democratize data enabling the broader organization to use data-driven insights to act in real-time. In some cases, firms have highly specialized business requirements, which require specialized or more in-depth analysis. The NetBase Quid platform’s customize capabilities, in combination with our professional services, solve this. Customers are successfully using this approach to identify acquisition targets, monitor supply chain issues, identify strategic risks to brand and operations, and identify level key opinion leaders (KOLs) beyond social channels

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Data: All the Data You Need, Analyze at Scale

The NetBase Quid platform leverages the industry’s most extensive data set, supporting unstructured and structured data. As a result, all aspects of your business decisions can be informed by including consumer, market, and your data in NetBase Quid. The platform offers the broadest set of social data for consumer data, including major platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit and many more. Consumer data also includes access to an extensive library of blogs and forums. The NetBase Quid platform also includes global news and media sources for market data, including premium news sources through our partnership with LexisNexis. In addition, the NetBase Quid platform offers access to a broad range of company and patent data directly from those companies and through sources like S&P CapIQ, Crunchbase, and Seeking Alpha. To extend the data coverage, you can import your internal data to analyze or combine with external consumer and market data in NetBase Quid. This data could be surveys, reviews, CRM, sales, chat logs, support cases, or any data you have.

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